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PROTECTION from Bio and Chemical Terrorism!

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Tue Nov 13 23:02:23 EST 2001

Learn to protect your home and loved ones from biological and chemical terrorism NOW using information from this valuable report written by one of the USA's foremost experts in survival and a former Green Beret with the U.S. Army's 5th Special Forces Group. Some info available to the public from no other known source.  For urban dwelling citizens, this is vital information as urban areas are very high probability targets.  Learn how YOU can:
1) BUY ANTIBIOTIC MEDICATIONS NOW IN YOUR AREA LEGALLY AND WITHOUT A PRESCRIPTION and at a very low cost.  Medication for recommended 60 day anthrax therapy for a family of 4 can be purchased for less than $90.00 USD-no prescription necessary.  Dosage chart included with complete instructions. 
2) HOW TO BUILD AN INEXPENSIVE CLEAN ROOM or safe room in your own home that will protect your family in the event of a biological attack or a chemical attack (isolated sterile environment precautions are essential in city environments).  Create a germ proof/chemical proof environment in your own home using a household vacuum cleaner and a few inexpensive supplies.  Includes list of locally available materials that you can purchase at almost any hardware store. .  Also includes instructions on a first class clean room for those who can afford it and sources/telephone numbers for suppliers.
3) 135 PAGE U.S ARMY FIELD MANUAL ON BIIOLOGICAL AND CHEMICAL WARFARE (provided by the U.S. ARMY RESEARCH INSTITUTE OF INFECTIOUS DISESES (USAMRIID)- nothing more to purchase) How to recognize disease symptoms, the appropriate medications and dosages as well as decontamination procedures for each disease/chemical.  Also contains U.S. Army info on symptoms, antidotes and treatment of many chemical warfare agents.  Latest version .  Immediate download available
4) WEB ADDRESSES OF OVERSEAS ONLINE PHARMACIES that will sell you prescription medications at deeply discounted prices with or without a prescription (no narcotics) - legal in most cases and permitted by the FDA in amounts needed for 90 days for personal use only (includes link to government FDA policy site so you can see that it is legal for yourself).  This info alone could save you more than $2000.00 for a family of 4 in your purchase of the Cipro antibiotic.  Do it NOW!  The U.S. government can only do so much and this pharmacy may be back ordering soon.
5) LIST OF MATERIALS that you will need in event of biological attack or chemical attack of any kind.  You can buy these things now at local stores.  If you wait until an emergency, they will be hard to get and expensive, if available at all.
6) LIST OF UNLIKELY BUT NEEDED SUPPLIES that you would never think of without hundreds of hours of research and head scratching
7) ITEMS WITH HIGH BARTERING VALUE in times od civil unrest
8) BEST FIREARMS and non-lethal weapons to have in the event of civil unrest and why they might become necessary
9) Links to informative websites, some with 20-30 minute informative streaming video on anthrax, smallpox, what to do
10) Comprehensive list of essential survival supplies beyond bio/chem terrorism including some very unlikely items 
11) Sources of supply for hard to find items you need, known to be of high quality.
12) Link to a website for future updates to this report
12) Much more..... 

The world has changed dramatically and forever.  Suddenly new, obvious and frightening risks have, for the first time, become real and apparent to the general public, and most people have no idea how to deal with threats such as bioterrorism and chemical warfare.  But....you don't have to be caught unprepared for the tough times which may be rapidly approaching.  Don't "stick your head in the sand". You CAN do something to protect your home and family for years to come.  This report WILL help those willing to help themselves.   
This information is from one of the nation's foremost experts in survival. It is important that you act now while supplies of listed items are still available in stores.  This information was originally collected for use by author's own family and is amazingly simple to accomplish. To order the report, simply click on the link below.  The report will be e-mailed to you as soon as your payment is accepted.  The cost of the report is only $10.00 United States dollars. It is worth many times more considering the man-hours that have been invested and the care and expertise with which the information was evaluated for personal use.
Purchase by check or credit card by clicking on the link below.    Don't wait until it happens to you! Click on link below to ORDER NOW!

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