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Tumbleweed, gadfly wannabe

Cereoid* cereoid at prodigy.net
Thu Nov 8 14:58:47 EST 2001

Since you admit to have absolutely no interest in the subject, Tumbles, why
feign indignation when somebody confirms it?

If you have nothing relevant to say, why do you insist on blathering on,
Tumbles? Are you trying to play the fool and the village idiot? Nobody said
you had to be an expert, just competent.

Try to stay on topic and the topic is neither you personally nor your
insecurity, Tumbles. Get a life.

Tumbleweed <fromnews at spamtumbleweed.freeserve.co.uk> wrote in message
news:9segd8$hll$1 at news7.svr.pol.co.uk...
> "Cereoid*" <cereoid at prodigy.net> wrote in message
> news:htiG7.14138$7I7.1928644736 at newssvr17.news.prodigy.com...
> > It doesn't matter if one top posts, posts to the actual statements or
> bottom
> > posts. There is always some primadonna that will tell you  are doing it
> > wrong!!
> >
> > Aren't you one of those who is incapable of doing a search on the
> Internet,
> > Tumbling Tumbleweed? It would appear you have quite a bit to learn
> yourself,
> > cowpoke. You haven't made any postings in any of the succulent plant
> forums
> > or groups because you know nothing about the subject.
> Indeed, I do have a lot to learn about cacti. Is that an offence or
> something?
> You see, I wasn't aware that only people who know about cacti and
> may post in the forums or groups, as you indicate. Since therefore I would
> be unable to learn, a newsgroup seems a better place, as people who are
> experts are allowed to post and ask questions there.
> > That you have yet to reap the wrath of the over 1900 subscribers to
> > Cacti_etc only proves that very few of them would waste their time with
> the
> > pontificating primadonnas on usenet. Consider yourself lucky so far,
> >
> Oh dear, if they are all as unpleasant as yourself, and would indeed be
> 'wrathful' with a cacti newbie, then perhaps these groups are not the
> to post. You certainly dont make it sound like a fun place to be. How does
> one ever make ones first posting ? "Sorry, not allowed,as you havent
> before you insignificant worm". "Sorry, only statements from experts
> allowed, not pathetic neophytes liek yourself".
> This is what you are saying according to your words above.  You certainly
> know how to make a mailing list sound inviting! (Not) Is your day job in
> marketing?
> --
> Tumbleweed
> Remove 'spam' from email replies (but no email reply necessary to
> newsgroups)

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