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newsgroup for cacti?

Cereoid* cereoid at prodigy.net
Tue Nov 6 15:58:51 EST 2001

Are you Bruno (Psycho Cactus) or do you believe he is incapable of doing his
own home work?

If your only source of information is statistics gleaned from a google
search then you have done an inadequate job. You show that you are neither a
cactophile nor are you familiar with the actual topic. Few of the actual
forum and group posting will appear in a google search.

What is more important is the relevance and significance of the postings as
well as the number. In any case, I still have Bruno (Psycho Cactus) beaten
by far. He has never cited references or written articles for any forum or

It would thus I suggest I am much more familiar with the topic than Bruno
(Psycho Cactus). I still maintain that Cacti_etc already fulfills the needs
of cactophiles and creating another newsgroup would serve no useful purpose.
As has been said by Bruno (Psycho Cactus) himself, there is already a
rec.gardens.cacti anyway.


Cacti_etc is an easily accessible mailing list and includes caudiciforms
(fat plants) in the discussion. If you are a genuine Cactophile, you should
be a subscriber. Its the best way to be up-to-date in what's going on in the
world of succulent plants and its absolutely free.


<bard at dmcom.net> wrote in message news:3BE83652.1AC3 at dmcom.net...
> Cereoid* wrote:
> <snip>
> >
> > If you were a member of any of the Cactus & succulent forums or groups,
> > would already know who I am. I have been a frequent contributor to many
> > them for a number of years. I have even posted many article on
> > plants also. Do your home work.
> >
> Well I decided to do a little home work using google for web sites.
> "There were about 545,000 Google results for Cactus.
>                                Use the search box below to search within
> these results."
> I searched within those large numbers with
> " Cereoid*" <cereoid at prodigy.net> "
> and recieved:
> "Results 1 - 7 of about 54"
> Google appears to know Catus far more then it does know you.
> For the sake of fairness I seached within on,
> " Psycho Cactus <brunoplamondon at home.com> "
> and I recieved:
> "Your search - Cactus Psycho Cactus <brunoplamondon at home.com> - did not
> match any documents. "
> I could do a group seach as  well, that I normally do on email address
> only.
> cereoid at prodigy.net     "Results 1 - 10 of about 2,930"
> brunoplamondon at home.com "Results 1 - 10 of about 64."
> Hmm interesting numbers,  groupies do not take sides in flame wars, the
> concern we have are good groups o.e. groups that are well named,  will
> be of interest to the world wide Usenet users, that will not harm other
> groups.
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