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newsgroup for cacti?

Brian Watson brian at spheroid.demon.co.uk
Tue Nov 6 14:04:36 EST 2001

"Cereoid*" <cereoid at prodigy.net> wrote in message
news:kGRF7.12748$ah3.1614052459 at newssvr17.news.prodigy.com...
> If the proposed newsgroup attracts persons who's only purpose is to
> pontificate and are not genuine Cactophiles nor have any interest in
> succulent plants, I am against it.

Why? Is that your job?

> The reason I prefer cross posting the topic is because Bruno (Psycho
> cross posted his original proposal and I find it to be in bad taste that
> insists on continuing the discussion in relative secrecy in a forum that
> does not include those who actually grow the plants.

I grow the plants. You are talking tosh (again).

> If this proposed
> newsgroup is supposed to be for plant enthusiasts, they particularly
> be allowed to be an active part of the discussion

They are, in that they are not forbidden from subscribing to newsgroups on
gardening where they would have read his message.

If they do not already subscribe to those newsgroups I presume it's either
because (a) they are unaware of the newsgroups' existance for some reason,
or (b) they prefer to use the mailing list system.

Nobody - even you - is suggesting the proposed new newsgroup in any way
threatens the existing mailing lists, so I really can't see why you are so
vehemently blathering on about it being a bad thing.

> or at least be made aware of it.

Certainly a message to the existing mailing lists would be a good idea, but
there is no necessity for it if the intention is for the newsgroup to appeal
to those who read newsgroups.

> If not, then its nothing more than an ego trip for Bruno (Psycho
> Cactus) and not in the best interest of plant enthusiasts after all. Bruno
> (Psycho Cactus) admitted in his original proposal that there are already
> many forums and groups on the topic. Another one is not needed and would
> serve no useful purpose.

I doubt that statement very much.

> It will not attract those who are active members of
> Cacti_etc.

If they are at all like you, "Oh goody!"

> As I have said many times there is already a well established forum for
> discussion of Cactus & succulents named Cacti_etc.

As far as I am aware, that has never been disputed, though you seem to feel
obliged to restate the fact ad nauseam.

> There is no point in
> creating a newsgroup that is not needed.

You are, of course, entitled to your opinion. Next please...

> If the reason Bruno (Psycho Cactus)
> wanted to create a newsgroup was because he was unaware it existed, he no
> longer has that excuse. Bruno (Psycho Cactus) is not an active participant
> in the other existing succulent plant forums and groups either. The same
> especially applies to Brian, who has absolutely no genuine interest in the
> topic.

Wash your mouth out with soap, you very silly (and wrong) person.

> Cacti_etc is an easily accessible mailing list and includes caudiciforms
> (fat plants) in the discussion. If you are a genuine Cactophile, you
> be a subscriber.

How dare you presume to tell me, or any other cactus cultivator, how to
conduct our enthusiasm for the subject.

> Its the best way to be up-to-date in what's going on in the
> world of succulent plants and its absolutely free.

In your opinion.

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