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A message from Barb Helfman

barbhelfman at aol.com barbhelfman at aol.com
Mon Mar 19 18:23:41 EST 2001

Dear Fellow 'Scapers,
 Aren't you getting a little tired being order-takers and not order-creators? That's right, order-takers instead of order-creators. You know what I mean. After all these years, most of our clients make up but a small percentage of US businesses. Still out there are tons of potential clients. Potential clients who don't even know what the term "interiorscaper" means much less understand why they should use our services.  Yes, I know you try to educate and spread the word, but we're so few our efforts are like a drop of water in a very large ocean.  So, instead we call on the ones already informed and, then, beat each other up on price.  And unless we, and I do mean "we", work together to market our industry, we stand a good chance of never creating an expansion of our market.  The very thought of this happening scares me.  We need an ever-expanding marketplace or we will see, when economies are shaky, our businesses stagnate.  We have to take the blinders off and take action!  

Now as I've already stated, we are so small an industry that even the largest of us is still categorized by the US Labor Dept. as "small business".  The only way is to band together in a jointly funded effort, to make the thousands of "drops" converge into a visible stream of information.  The Interior Industry Growth Initiative accomplishes this.  So what if it doesn't promote your individual company or that it might promote your industry in a way you kinda like but not exactly like you'd like.  To not participate because of small details is to kill the golden goose.  Feggedaboutit!  We need you.  We need every little drop if we are going to get the job done.  Then, years from now we can look back and realize just how worthwhile our efforts were--How critical our efforts.  Then we'll realize that we're still order-takers but of lots more orders.  Make your pledge today.  It would be criminal to miss this great opportunity.  Make your Initiative pledge today at www.interiorscape.com.

Your Friend, 
Barb Helfman


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