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help with fishtail palm

gardenlenNoSpam at hotmail.com.Invalid gardenlenNoSpam at hotmail.com.Invalid
Sun Mar 11 18:28:23 EST 2001

On Sun, 11 Mar 2001 15:15:25 -0600 (CST), vdfsamba at webtv.net (Jack
Vanderwerf) wrote:

>Thanks Len, 
>You pointed to many suggestions that are often times taken for grantit,
>and overlooked.

i am some times reluctant to say too much never knowing whether i am
going over board or not.

>Often times with plants that are root bound, they will develope a
>indication that a root bound condition exist's. Good suggestion.

palms will ahndle root bound lots better thatn most other plants, so
it can be difficult to determine any adverse effects from being root
bound, of course if the poting medium lacks organic material in the
first place then gettinfg the correct moisture to the palm will be
difficult, that is why i prescribe the soak method.

of course with a palm it is not absolutely nevessary for most of them
to pot on at the root bound stage, most will cope with ahving some
sections of the root ball cut off to accomaodate some new potting
medium, in the same size pot. makes palms a very versatile indoor

>Spidermites do thrive in dry conditions., The misting, humidification,
>easy to overdo watering, and burning the roots with furtalizer.

increased humidity and the exclusive use of slow release fertilisers
only will do heaps for a healthy plant.
>This palm is now showing signs of real growth. I have imposed an
>stimulation toward new growth.

i would wonder at so much continual bug spraying but then you are
there and better suited to make that judgement. but a change of
environment will do it the world of good.
>As for the soil, I have never been a fan of a peat based potting soil.
>I don't have the experience with palms to fall back on to know for sure. 

don't use peat at the best of time it is an environmantly
unsustainable product, medium with humus ans otehr organic material
suits the plants better and watering better.

>I just applied some schultz's iron green to the water for the first time
>yesterday, so, we shall see if the color changes and if the plant starts
>to perk up,
>Thanks len

again might be too much lovin' get soem slow release stuff 9 month
variety i'm almost certain you will get great results never failed me

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happy gardening   (drop 'NoSpam' & 'Invalid') from e/mail addy
'it works for me it could work for you,'

"in the end ya' gotta do what ya' gotta do" but consider others and the environment

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