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Ponytail palm

Cereoid CEREOID at prodigy.net
Fri Mar 2 08:11:58 EST 2001

Dear Steve,

Vey few people have old plants of Beaucarnea recurvata and it is extremely
unlikely a small plant grown as a house plant will be suckering. More likely
she had a plant of Ornithogalum longibracteatum (O.caudatum) she
misidentified as a "Ponytail Palm" but that's another story.

There are now 9 recognized species of Beaucarnea Lemaire. Very few of them
are seen in cultivation.

- section Beaucarnea - leaves smooth (green in color)
B.recurvata Lemaire
B.inermis (S.Watson) Rose
B.goldmanii Rose
B.ameliae Lundell
B.petensis (Lundell) Lundell

- section Papillatae Trelease - leaves scabrous (rough to the touch, usually
grayish in color)
B.stricta Lemaire
B.gracilis Lemaire
B.guatemalensis Rose
B.hiriartiae L.Hernandez S.

"Steve Hinkson" <sphinkson at worldnet.att.net> wrote in message
news:3A9F73A1.89ACD004 at worldnet.att.net...
> Cereoid wrote:
> > The "Ponytail Palm" is Beaucarnea  recurvata.  It normally does not form
> > suckers.
> >
> All 4 Beaucarneas DO form suckers, particularly under stress.  The other
> Beaucarnea often sold as "Ponytail Palm" is B. gracilis.  The easiest to
> morphological distinction is that recurvata
> has long, thin bright green leaves, and gracilis' leaves are more
gray-blue and
> glaucous.  Here in the South West, it's simply sold as the "Blue
> My ONLY reason for mentioning that is because this fairly common "Ponytail
> suckers on an older caudex like a Calibanus!
> Now, Steve, you're guilty of doing just what you chide others for having
> Given an opinion for a common name without considering the other plants of
> same common name.
> To have a Beaucarnea gracilis grown past seedling stage without at least
> lateral shoot would be unusual.
> Steve
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> or to him." Malcolm Forbes
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