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Red stem

victoria animaux at animaux.net0
Sat Jun 9 18:20:15 EST 2001

If I remember correctly, 'Alaska' is a variegated form of nasturtium which had
orange to peach flowers.  I don't recall them being red stemmed.

On Tue, 05 Jun 2001 18:13:39 GMT, Night23 <night23 at nightynight.com> wrote:

>   they were all alaska nusturtium seeds which will yield different
>flower colors (i presume).  I shall keep an eye on what flower color
>arises from the red stem plant relative to the other plants in the
>jar...  If there looks to be no difference... then i shall propagate the
>red stem plant's seeds... and watch to see if red stemmed seedlings show
>Selective breeding a few generations down the line for redder colors...
>and soon I may have the world's first bright red stemmed nusturtium
>plant with leaf venation to match.  
>A million dollar plant for gardeners the world over.
>Cereoid* wrote:
>> If you are asking if "red stems" is a genetic trait, the answer is yes.
>> You did not say if your Nasturtiums are a single cultivar or mixed colors.
>> If they are mixed, you should expect some variability in other characters
>> besides flower color.
>> Night23 <night23 at nightynight.com> wrote in message
>> news:3B18096D.ABEC30FA at nightynight.com...
>> > Hi,
>> >    I am growing a jar of Nusturtium plants from seeds.  Among the 10 or
>> > so plants in the jar which have recently germinated, I observed that one
>> > of them has a red stem (the rest are green).  The entire stem is a light
>> > red color including branches leading up to the leaves.  The leaf
>> > venation is slightly reddish as well as well as a thin region of red
>> > around the rim of each leaf.
>> >
>> > Is this a mutant plant?
>> >
>> > Are there any physical (nutrient deficiency) factors that could cause a
>> > plant to have a red stem?  The plants are closely spaced growing in the
>> > same jar and recieve the same amount of lighting everyday and the same
>> > amount of water (I haven't been adding red dye in or anything). Soil
>> > conditions are the same obviously since they are in the same jar.


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