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Decorative Gardens with an Evolutionary Theme

Night23 night23 at nightynight.com
Sun Jun 3 04:35:24 EST 2001

You could show plants from the various divisions.  A division in plants
is like a phylum in animals.  

Bryophyta   nonvascular plants  e.g. mosses
Hepaticophyta  nonvascular plants  e.g. liverworts
Anthocerophyta  nonvascular plants e.g. hornworts
Psilophyta  seedless vascular plants  e.g. whisk ferns
Lycophyta  seedless vascular plants e.g. club mosses
Sphenophyta  seedless vascular plants e.g. Horsetails
Pterophyta  seedless vascular plants e.g. Ferns
Cycadophyta  non-flowering, seed-bearing, vascular plants e.g. Cycads
(a.k.a., sago palms)
Ginkgophyta non-flowering, seed-bearing, vascular plants e.g. Ginkgo
Gnetophyta non-flowering, seed-bearing, vascular plants e.g. Mormon tea

Coniferophyta non-flowering, seed-bearing, vascular plants e.g. Conifers
Anthophyta  flowering, seed-bearing vascular plants e.g. Angiosperms
Now run along lad!

Bernard Brennan wrote:
> Colleagues, I am proposing to design a small courtyard garden using an
> evolutionary theme, approximate dimensions 6m (20ft) by 16m, the area is
> situated within a College Campus  is adjacent to a science teaching area
> and is overlooked on one side from a busy linking corridor.  The area is
> shaded by a single storey buildings recieving reasonable light.  I was
> hoping to convey a plant + evolutionary sequence via the planting
> scheme, using a linear or other model and combining this with sculpture
> to depict animal evolution (perhaps using footprints) along  pathways
> and perhaps interspersed with parallell rock forms and other as yet
> unspecified symbolism.  It is envisaged that the end product should be
> aesthetically harmonious and  educational.  I can appreciate that the
> idea is unlikely to be original and would welcome comments and guidance
> and perhaps collaboration with persons also interested in this concept
> e.g. discussion re possible layouts and leads to suitable reference
> material.
> help appreciated, Bernard Brennan, Lecturer, Dept of Applied Sciences,
> St Stephens College of FE, Cork, Ireland

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