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houseplants and gnats

victoria animaux at animaux.net0
Tue Apr 24 17:05:01 EST 2001

Simple Bt-Israelensis will do what you need it to do.  There is never any need
for, nor is the product, diazinon, labeled for houseplants.  Fungus gnats lay
eggs which hatch out into larvae, which is killed immediately when they eat the
Bt-I  There is another form of Bt which is Bt-H14, and is the active ingredient
found is a product called Gnatrol.

Good hygiene is paramount in control.


On 11 Apr 2001 02:05:49 GMT, bae at cs.toronto.edu (Beverly Erlebacher) wrote:

>In article <_5NA6.11471$aq5.208362 at typhoon.mw.mediaone.net>,
>Moll McCarty <mollymc at wi.rr.com> wrote:
>>Thanks for that, Dennis. I'll get the diazanon, when the need arises. Any
>>known allergies to it?
>For a non-toxic control, keep a cm or so (1/2 inch) of pure sand on top
>of the soil.  This is unattractive to the female gnats when they go to 
>lay their eggs, and easy to keep dry to make it even less attractive.  
>Also, the yellow sticky traps sold to catch white flies are even more 
>effective at catching fungus gnats.
>Your gnat outbreak may be due to a problem in just one pot.  A rotting
>flower bulb can produce swarms of gnats, which will then hover around
>all your other houseplants, get into your coffee cup, annoy your spouse
>or office mates, etc.

"I would have to ask the questioner. I haven't had a chance
to ask the questioners the question they've been questioning."

- G. Dubya Bush, Jan 8, 2001.

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