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Plant communication.

Rod Savidge savidge at unb.ca
Fri Apr 6 08:36:18 EST 2001

A physicist by the name of OE Wagner has done a lot of interesting research 
with trees, reasoning that "W Waves" propagate within and between trees.

Here's an abstract from 
Physiological-Chemistry-and-Physics-and-Medical-NMR. 1996; 28 (3) 173-196. 
(Anisotropy of wave velocities in plants: Gravitropism, byWagner-O-E):

     AB: New measurements of W-wave velocities in plants suggest that the 
previously observed velocity of 96
     cm/s in plants is not unique but that there are several higher 
velocities, which appear to be integral multiples of
     96 cm/s. The velocities apparently depend on the species, environment, 
and type of pulse when changed
     artificially. Measured vertical velocities are larger than horizontal 
velocities. This may provide a basis for
     gravitropism and may suggest a cosmic connection. Mean ratios of 
reciprocals of horizontal and vertical
     internodal spacings, in simple structure cases, give ratios like 1.25, 
1.33, 1.50, 1.66, 3.0, and likely others.
     These ratios appear to confirm the velocity measurements since ratios 
of integral multiples of 96 cm/s give the
     same ratios. The versatility of plant growth is enhanced by the 
velocity variability.

At 02:47 PM 4/6/01 +0200, you wrote:
>     Cleve Backster is not the only one which did research to plant
>communications.... There are a lot of other people which also did
>fascinating experiment with plants.... I think and I believe plants and
>animals really have telepathic forces...... Can you simply deny Rupert
>Sheldrake? And his theory about Morphic fields? Not a really scientific
>     Can you tell me more about your vision and why you believe Backsters
>experiments failed because of radiations?
>Greets and hope to hear from you soon,
>De aarde is niet stervende, ze wordt vermoord. En zij die haar doden
>hebben namen en adressen.
>          -Utah Phillips
> > If plants communicate at all it would be biochemical in nature.
> >
> > Where did you read this nonsense about plant telepathy? Don't fall for any
> > of that New Age silliness. That whole Cleve Backster "experiment" was
> > nonsense contaminated by background electromagnetic radiation.


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