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Help me SPIDER MITES!!!!!

Richard L. Wainwright rlwainwright at flashcom.net
Tue Jul 25 17:53:17 EST 2000

Hey! The easiest, safest and most effective way to control mites is with
horticultural oils such as Neem Oil (by Green Light) or UtraFine Oil (by
SunSpray) There was a recent study by the Connecticut Agriculteral
Experiment Station in Windsor, Conn. who found that horticultural sprays out
performed even the strongest chemicals, including ones used by professional
nurseryman.  Oils work better because 1) it kills both adult mites as will
as their eggs through suffocation.  Other miticides only target the adults,
and within days any viable eggs hatch and the cycle continues. 2) Mites
can't develop resistance to oils as they can against chemicals.  Adult male
mites carry a gene which helps them adapt rapidly to poisons.  Since oils
work by suffocation, they cannot adapt against this.  3)Oils are gentler
than other miticides.  They don't take out the Good Guys (including you!).
Following treatment, the number of bad mites drops quickly and dramatically,
allowing the predatory mites a chance to catch up and control them for the
rest of the season.  They also do not harm other good guys like lady bugs,
bees, praying mantis, etc.  Another great benefit of Neem Oil in particular,
is that it also is very effective against powdery mildew, rust, black spot
and a host of other fungal diseases.  I use it on my roses regularly.  I am
a Landscape Design Consultant so gardening is my passion.  Hope you will go
out and buy it now and save your angel's trumpet.  Pat Wainwright at
pat at allmine.org
<KOJAK4O at webtv.net> wrote in message
news:8213-39677890-62 at storefull-178.iap.bryant.webtv.net...
> I have an angel trumpet that is fixing to bloom, but the spidermites are
> going to keep it from happening.  Is it the region I am in?  Can I try
> some natural way to rid these pesky mites from my angel trumpet.  I am
> in  the south eastern part of Tennessee.  Or what kind of pesticde
> should I use to desroy these pests.  There are all other kinds of plants
> around it , but they just seem to attack my angel trumpet.  Any
> suggestions would be appreciated.



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