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Red beetle, identify and control?N.E . USA?lily lovers???

dennis314 dennisn1dsNOdeSPAM at juno.com.invalid
Sun Jul 16 15:09:37 EST 2000

2.Pest;  New england, near coast & Boston, MA

Red beetle, identify and control????
Very busy typically found in mating pairs;
Devours tiger lillies or other similar; i.e., not day

Critter is a beetle or weevil sort of insect,
about 1/2 inch long square shouldered;
front edge of carapace is a straight line.
Fire engine red beastie may cause some damage.
Ugly young are larger than you would expect;
attach to stem of plant or in flowers.
Larvae produce so much waste that they clutter the leaves.

The leaves also get holes and eventually are nearly
completely consumed also whether by larvae or mature

Larvae are grublike and I could see some feet and a black
they  like to settle at the base of a leaf,
underside in the shade and attack the stem.

Grubs while feeding are are very  deceiving,
a dirty tan to brown color looking  more like
fecal matter or a sloppy moist cocoon
until viewed close up (thanks for myopia! useful sometimes).

They have a black head rather large compared to the beetle
 I am pretty sure they are a different lifestage of the
same creature,
 as I always find the red beetle/ wevil on the somewhere
on the leaves of only this sort of plant.
There's not much of the plant that they do not feast on.

 Earlier in the season they ruined three or four Tiger
lilly plants;

Yesterday we noticed a grouping of white lily plants
(resemble easter lily) are meeting same fate.

Whats the creature?
Whats the natural predator?
(not here or we would't have such a disaster).

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