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Burdened with bad credit?

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Tue Dec 19 03:35:08 EST 2000

BAD CREDIT Ruining Your Life?

This is an OPEN Letter To Anyone Suffering From BAD Or Even Horrible Credit Who Would Like To Learn How To Get A Brand New Credit File In Less Than 15 Days!

**This Proven, Almost Secret Method was Discovered Over 10 Years Ago By A Group Of Attorneys  in Florida And California,  For Creating New Credit Files Has Been Used successfully By Thousands of Americans Just Like YOU!"**

Larry Bryant
Bryant Credit Specialists

RE:	"The Credit Secrets Manual!"

Dear Friend, 

If you (or friend) is suffering from Bankruptcy, Foreclosure, Charge-Offs, or just Bad Credit, this will be the most important letter you will ever read.  Why?   "The Credit Secrets Manual!" reveals one of the greatest secrets in the world!  Thousands of Americans have used it successfully!

In fact, when I first heard about this method it sounded "too good to be true", then I tried it and proved to myself that it IS TRUE!  This is the greatest, most valuable secret you will ever discover to put bad credit behind you forever.  Once you use this simple technique that some Attorneys have charged consumers $3,500.00 for, I guarantee your life will never be the same again!

My Personal Story-

My name is Larry Bryant, and not long ago I was in debt up to my ears and had collection agencies threatening me like you wouldn't believe.  At one point it seemed as if harassing phone calls and nasty letters we're never going to stop.  Eventually, my personal credit was ruined.  Then, the real nightmare began.  Basic necessities such as a car, Furniture, or a Stereo, could no longer be mine with such ease as they had been once before.   Trying to get an Airline Tickets, a Hotel Room or even a Rental Car without a credit card was virtually impossible (not to mention embarrassing, if you have children, friends, or relatives with you).

To make matters even worse, I found that Rental Agencies and Landlords will not even rent a house or an apartment to someone who has a bad credit rating.  This I found to be very frustrating.  At times I even became deeply depressed from being treated like a second-class citizen because of my bad credit, and actually believed at one point that I would never be able to own anything nice ever again.  Then, one day, my future brightened when

**I Discovered A 10 Year Old Financial Secret Created By A Group Of Attorneys That Changed My Life forever**

A good friend of mine who knew my credit situation gave me the phone number of his sister, Susan, who was a Credit Specialist who had helped people in my situation before.  A few days later we talked on the phone and Susan shared with some of the most incredible consumer secrets that I have ever heard.  But there was one secret in particular that she shared that I couldn't forget.  In fact, after I heard it, I could hardly fall asleep that night!

Susan explained to me that over 10 years ago a group of Attorneys in California and Florida had discovered a method of creating brand NEW credit files for their clients.  They did this by taking advantage of a special consumer protection law known as the "1974 Privacy Act".  She further stated that through this law they found a powerful "loophole" in the credit system that could be used  by consumers to bury their bad credit  by completely abandoning their old damaged credit files.  This could only be done one time.

Through this method, the Attorneys would create a brand NEW (or alternate) credit file for their clients.  They called this method Credit File Replication.  The fee for this service was $3,500.00.  Of course, because of the tremendous value the service represented, clients gladly paid.  $3,500.00 is a small price to pay for a new credit file.  Especially if your credit is badly damaged and you want to finance anything ever again.  After all, what other alternative did these people have?  Wait 7 to 10 years for their bad credit to be cleared?  7 to 10 years is way too long to go through life with the burden of bad credit, especially if you have to rent a home or apartment.  I should know, because I used to have horrible credit  (Until I discovered this secret).

The more Susan told me about this secret the more amazed I became.  She said anyone could use it to create a brand NEW credit file every time, without fail.  It didn't matter if you were suffering from Bankruptcy, Foreclosure, Charge-offs, Judgments, Tax Liens or just Bad Credit.  With this method anyone could bury the past and put their bad credit behind them forever!

***Attorney's $3,500.00 Credit Secret Revealed!***

Being able to start over with a new credit file still sounded just "too good to be true", so naturally I asked if this was really BONAFIDE and PROVEN to work for anyone?  Or, was their certain stipulations to who could do it?  Susan told me that anyone could do it as long as they never had a second credit file before...
My eyes really lit up when she told me I wouldn't have to spend $3,500.00 and I didn't even need an attorney, because (like most things Attorney's charge us thousands of dollars for) anyone could open a brand NEW credit file all by themselves; once they know how.  This is because all opening a new credit file comes down to is just five steps.  Five SIMPLE steps ANYONE can do (once they know how) right from the comfort of their new home, in less than 15 days!  So, what I learned through all Susan's expertise was

What The Attorney's Were Charging Their Clients $3,500.00 To Do, you Can Do All By Yourself For Absolutely FREE! And The End Result Is EXACTLY The Same:


As you could imagine, at this point I could hardly sit still in my chair!  If this were really true, all my credit problems would be solved!  NO MORE would I have to go through life with the pain and frustration of being treated like a second-lass citizen because of my bad credit!  NO MORE would I have to live with the fear and anxiety of worrying about being able to get a new place to live or financing a Car, a Home Stereo, or even simple things like a Microwave Oven!  But it still sounded just "too good to be true".  So I had to try it myself...

Seeing IS Believing

Step by step Susan showed me exactly what I had to do to get my NEW credit file. Again, all it really involved was 5 simple steps.  Once I started taking these steps I couldn't believe how easy it was.  It was so easy a 16 year old could do it.  I'm dead SERIOUS!  All it really involved was a little thinking and filling out forms and making phone calls.  While you're doing it you'll say to yourself "This is too easy!  This can't really work!"  I was continually amazed at how easy it was.  Although it would still be a GREAT deal, it startled me some Attorneys had charged consumers $3,500.00 to complete these simple steps for them!

Then the big day came... The day that I requested a copy of my NEW credit report from the credit bureau.   I'll never forget this day for the rest of my life.  It was a sunny afternoon.  I remember getting the mail from the box and walking up my driveway as I spotted the envelope from the credit bureau and my heart began to race!  Even at that moment I wondered if this method was for real and if it would really work for me?  As I walked up the driveway and ripped the envelope open my life changed forever, as I witnessed before my eyes

A Brand NEW Completely CLEAN Credit Report With MY NAME On It!

There are NO WORDS I could ever use to describe the feeling that rushed through my entire body as I stood on my driveway that sunny afternoon.  I remember take a deep breath, and just as I exhaled I felt every little bit of pain, frustration and anxiety dissolve and vanish away into thin air!  I never felt so much relief in my entire!  Knowing that all my fear and discomfort created by my bad credit was now gone forever!  Like I said, I will never forget that sunny afternoon for the rest of my life; standing on my driveway, holding that opened envelope, gazing into the sky with a feeling of total relief.  I immediately called Susan to share the great news and became so emotional I almost cried.  I know this may sound crazy.  But if you've been burdened by bad credit and then close your eyes for just a moment and imagine

A Brand NEW Completely CLEAN Credit Report With YOUR NAME On It!

You have to admit that just the thought alone is a little emotional no matter who you are.  However, imagining it is one thing; (actually experiencing it yourself is quite another).

Since I know what it's like to go through life experiencing the pain and frustration of BAD CREDIT, you're going to receive the EXACT same techniques I followed to change my life.  It's called "The Credit Secrets Manual!" and it contains all the simple (step-by-step) instructions and forms needed to open a brand NEW credit file in less than 15 days.  These are the EXACT same techniques and methods that have changed the lives of thousands of Americans!  It's changed their life in less than 15 days and it can change yours too!  Just listen to what some people have to say after receiving "The Credit Secrets Manual!":

	"Your program has helped me out a lot.  I just bought a new car and am financing at 10.9%.  Now that I have a second chance I am able to buy a house, and I plan on doing this soon.  Thank you again for a great program, but more so for not charging $800 to $1,000 for it.  I also now have 3 unsecured cards with limits up to $5,000.  Yes, I do remember what you said about credit, and I don't plan on spending more than I can pay back every month.  But it is nice to know that I have the credit if I ever need it or decide to use it."-  Albert C.   

	"Due to a business failure in 1992 my credit rating was damaged to the point that I had to put down a $1,000 deposit just to get a cellular phone.  I tried various credit repair agencies which cost a lot more money and experienced very little success.  They would challenge and dispute all the items on my report and get some of the minor ones removed, but the major ones would stay.  I never imagined in my wildest dreams that a person like me could get a brand new credit file.  Its not something that I'd ever heard of before.  Once I studied the program it made perfect sense to me. Ritzy people have been doing so for years.  It just that regular folks like myself, who really need help, have been in the dark about this.  After using the program I am very grateful that I ordered but I will never go deep into debt again.  I just like to have no credit rather than bad credit."-  Morgan P.							
	"When I received the "The Credit Secrets Manual!" I became very excited at the possibilities of being able to have a second chance to start my credit life with a clean slate.  By following the step-by-step guidelines within a few weeks I was able to get a new credit file.  I was also shocked how simple and easy it was.  I began building my credit and the technique you outline in Section Nine for building a "Triple A-1 Credit Rating in Only 90 Days" is absolutely astounding.  It works just like you say.  It's almost magical.  Within 90 days my credit report had 5 credit card accounts, 3 department store accounts, and 2 gas card accounts.  You were right.  I truly do bless the day I ordered the program.  The program has changed my life."-  David W.
These people were once in the exact same painful and frustrating position you or someone you know may be in today.  The only difference?  They made a quick risk-free decision to order the "The Credit Secrets Manual!".  The program works.  It's worked for thousands!  I've done it.  Friends have done it, and you can too!  Would you like to own a brand new credit file?

"The Credit Secrets Manual!" can change your life in just a few short weeks!  And you'll be amazed at how simple and easy it is!  NO MORE will you have to be ashamed of your past!  NO MORE being in fear of your future!  And NO MORE being scared to apply for credit!  Why should you go through life in misery, being treated like a second-class citizen when you can put your bad credit behind you forever like so many others have?  Thousands just like you have done it fast and easy with "The Credit Secrets Manual!".  In a day or two when you receive it you will learn:

* All about the legality of getting a new credit file and the "little known" secret loophole the Attorneys found in the system that makes it all possible (see section 1!)

* How the big credit bureaus keep track of your credit file and why ultimately you have to thank their computer systems for your new one!  (see section 3!)

* All about the "1974 Privacy Act" and how people just like you have been getting new credit files for years!  (see section 3!)

* How you can get your new credit file all by yourself, like thousands have, without paying $3,500.00 to a high priced Attorney to do it for you!  (see section 4!)

* The one "Secret Key" to getting your new credit file and how easy it is to do!  (see section 5!)

* Everything the Credit Bureaus and collection agencies DON'T want consumers to know about credit repair and debt collection!  (see section 13!)

* How simple it is to get your new credit file without ever leaving your house!  (see section 7!)

* How to get your new credit file on-line with all three of the major credit reporting bureaus!  All from home!  Within days!  (see section 7!)

* How to keep your old credit file from possibly contaminating your new, perfectly clean credit file!  (see section 8!)

* The 22 most commonly asked questions (and their answers!) about getting and building a new credit file!  (see section 11!)

* The shocker!  How to build a "Triple A-1 credit rating in just 90 days!  Guaranteed!  Use this secret to build up more credit on your new file in 90 days than most people build up in 5 years!  (see section 9!)

* The secret federal law that stops ALL your collection calls immediately!

At this point you must be wondering how much the "The Credit Secrets Manual!" costs.  Right?  Well, let's talk about how much the program is worth.  After all, without the program someone would be forced to struggle with their bad credit for up to 10 years.  Imagine even the next 3 years with bad credit.
Considering the value of a new credit file I'd say the program is easily worth the $3,500.00 the Attorneys were charging.  Wouldn't you agree?  However, it won't cost that much.  Not even close!  My goal is to make this life changing program affordable so average folks can benefit from the power of it.
Listen...rich people have been using these secrets for years to live "high on the hog" while average people like you and me are kept in the dark.  Since I know how much tougher life is when you have bad credit, you're going to receive "The Credit Secrets Manual!" for under $100.00... Not even $50.00...  You are going to receive the entire life-changing course for only $29.95.  This is NOT a misprint.  But you had better act fast because changing laws could permanently STOP the sale of this program to consumers at ANY time! 

SEND Only $29.95 US

To place your order merely fill out the following form and fax to 1-775-361-3375.  If this line is busy, please try faxing to 1-240-597-3050.

or mail to:
Bryant Credit Specialists
730 Main St, #201
Billings, MT 59105

Credit Card Order:
Please print very clearly in dark ink.

Name on Credit Card: 



Your email address:
(This is where your manual will be sent)  

Your card will be charged $29.95 for The Credit Secrets Manual

Type of Card, circle one (Visa, MasterCard, American Express)

Credit Card Number: 

Date Credit Card Expires: 

Please tell us your phone Number:  

Please tell us your fax Number: 

To order by Check or Money Order:

The Credit Secrets Manual




E-mail Address:
(This is where your manual will be sent)  

Please tell us your phone Number:  

Please tell us your fax Number: 


Thank you for your business, 
Larry Bryant
Bryant Credit Specialists 
730 Main St, #201
Billings, MT 59105

Fax to 1-775-361-3375.  If this line is busy, please try faxing to 1-240-597-3050.

Copyright (c) 1995-2000
All Rights Reserved

P.S.	I almost forgot.  "The Credit Secrets Manual" comes with a ONE MONTH MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE!  So your one-time fee is refundable making your decision risk free!  Listen.  This is your opportunity to learn the secrets to getting a brand new credit file in less than 15 days!  Even learn how to repair your old file!

P.P.S.  To help you get off to a fast start I'll show you how to receive a special $5,000.00 unsecured credit card with no credit check. It can be reported on a new credit file as a $5,000 UNSECURED LINE OF CREDIT!  It's free with your package!

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