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David Starrett starrett at cstl.semo.edu
Mon Dec 18 17:13:39 EST 2000

   I am on a number of listserves.  One of the things I have enjoyed about
the plant-ed group is the collegiality, professionalism and consideration
that posters to this listserve have exhibited.  Aside from spammers, the
serious participants on this group fit that description pretty well.
   Recently, some of the discussions have deteriorated into name calling,
huffy attitudes and the like.  I may be the only one feeling this way, but
I'd like to see a little more respect, etc. exhibited.  I don't like spam,
but the solution to keep our group open and manageable has been to
encourage the 'del key' solution.  Some on this group have shown irritation
at a lengthy discussion of some topics.  All topics may not interest all
participants in the group.  If it doesn't interest us, just delete and keep
going.  No need to try stopping it, getting snappy, etc.
   Some of these discussions may be of no interest to some, but I have been
interested in following discussions that others have tired of.  So how
about it, can we keep this an enjoyable newsgroup to be part of, full of
interesting and civil discussions?  And remember, a discussion you don't
like can be taken care of with the good 'ol delete key.


Dave Starrett

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