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Are there "Identical Twin" plants?

George Hammond ghammond at mediaone.net
Sun Dec 17 18:39:15 EST 2000

Andrew Dalke wrote:

> There is no predictive power to your statements which is why
> I argue it is neither useful nor even interesting (in the
> scientific viewpoint of falsifiability).
>                     Andrew
>                     dalke at acm.org

GH:  I continue to be amazed at your rash statements
and ill founded presumptions.
  The theory predicts that the "Structural Model" that
they've been looking for for 75 years in Psychometry
eigenvector geometry research is actually CUBIC,
with one eigenvector lying on each (rotational)
symmetry axis of the cube.  As you know a CUBE has 13
symmetry axes, and this I claim, is WHY they have in fact
found 13-eigenvecotrs in Psychometry (Cattell 1973).
  Moreover, it *predicts* that if you take the cosine
of the 13(13-1)/2 intercorrelation they've discovered,
they will exactly match the angles between the 13
symmetry axes of a CUBE.
  I've already checked the literature data, and it's
a TRUE prediction.  "They" are simply to busy to listen
to me and/or don't know how to spell "physics".
  Or, more likely, like you... they "know it can't be done".

George Hammond, M.S. Physics
Email:    ghammond at mediaone.net
Website:  http://people.ne.mediaone.net/ghammond/index.html

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