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Problems with new palm.. Suggestions?

Mark Morissette pepper99 at NOSPAM.home.com
Thu Sep 30 06:49:07 EST 1999

>Your palm is a Howeia fosteriana, or commonly, a Kentia Palm.  It's been a

Ok, great!  Thanx for the ident.

>popular indoor palm for years because of it's tolerance for the low light
>conditions that are common in interior decor situations.
>This is a SHADE plant.  It will tolerate almost no direct sun, as I guess
>you've found out...

Ahha..  Okay, I gather this would be what is causing these problems,

I have another spot in the apartment that I was originally thinking
about putting the palm where there is a great deal less direct
sunlight, but it should still get good indirect light..   I'll move it
today.  The rubber plant can take it's place, since it seems to eat up
as much sun as I can give it.

>Bright northern exposure, or inside NEAR the solarium will help a lot.  I
>looked at your photos carefully, and I didn't see a sign of pests.  Do, as
>Steve J. said, watch for mites.

Allrighty..  The 'holes' appearing in the leaves really did look like
some sort of pest problem to me, but I guess not.  I'll keep an eye
for mites.

>Your palm will recover from the sunblast faster if you mist it regularly,
>and the mist also discourages spider mites.

I've been misting it about twice a week.. Too much, too little?
Should I mist more not to facilitate healing?

What about watering?  Like I said, palms are all new to me.. :)

Thanx for the info.

Mark,  Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
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