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Ficus Benjamina Tree in trouble

gardenlen ntbandit at globec.com.au
Wed Sep 29 15:07:10 EST 1999

In article <37F19AE5.D664BA0F at pilot.msu.edu>,
  lystadjo at pilot.msu.edu wrote:
> I recently got a ficus tree (about 9 feet tall).  Had it for about 4
> weeks.  It has lost about half it's leaves and continues to do so.  I
> water it moderately (not too dry or wet), and have placed it in the
> sunniest window along with flourescent 100 watt plant lights.  It
> continues to loose leaves, and at this rate, will have none left.
> What to do?  Will this thing regrow leaves, (it looks pretty straggly
> now). Or just continue to die.

i would suggest that the conditions that you have it in a very much
different from where you bought it from. so it will go through an
adjustment stage.

the ficus will take a bit more water than most other house plants, but
for now i'd suggest you put it in an outside well lit and protected
until it begins to rejuvenate, foliage feeding and a slow release
fertiliser for the growing season is all that will be needed.

remeber that being so tall the upper part of the plant may not be
getting any benefit from natural light.


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