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sego palm or something.. advise required please :

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Fri Sep 17 22:58:08 EST 1999

In article <37DA1E56.287BFCB4 at worldnet.att.net>,
  Steve Hinkson <sphinkson at worldnet.att.net> wrote:
> I might add to the advise given, that the multiple leaves growing
this year are
> a normal development. As the plant matures, more and more will be
made during
> the growth cycle, until it unfurls dozens at once.  By that time,
however, the
> leaves will each be four feet long, making the plant  eight to nine
feet in
> diameter !  Don't fear though, that takes a while even under the best
> conditions.
> oddly enough, this palm look-alike is a gymnosperm (pine tree
relative) and
> doesn't flower, exactly, but rather produces BIG red seeds on a
stunted leaf.
> Other Cycads make real cones !
> Steve
> Drop by and see me at :
>  http://www.geocities.com/HotSprings/Spa/6811
> Sago palms get a whole new row of "leaves" once or twice a year in SW
Florida.  To insure that it grows into a tree you must remove the
"babies" at the base of the trunk.  They are slow growers but if you
remove the babies which will suck the growth from the "mother" and
remove one row of "leaves" once a year, you will soon have a nice size
shade tree.  They need a dose of nitrogen once a year and will stay
nice and dark green.

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