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RESULT: rec.gardens.bamboo passes 150:16

David Bostwick bostwick at cas.chemistry.gatech.edu
Mon Sep 13 15:01:42 EST 1999

          unmoderated group rec.gardens.bamboo passes 150:16

There were 150 YES votes and 16 NO votes, for a total of 166 valid votes.
There were 3 abstains and 3 invalid ballots.

For group passage, YES votes must be at least 2/3 of all valid (YES and NO)
votes.   There also must be at least 100 more YES votes than NO votes.

There is a five day discussion period after these results are posted.  If no
serious allegations of voting irregularities are raised, the moderator of
news.announce.newgroups will create the group shortly thereafter.

Newsgroups line:
rec.gardens.bamboo	All aspects of bamboo growing and uses.

The voting period ended at 23:59:59 UTC, 9 Sep 1999.

This vote was conducted by a neutral third party.  Questions
about the proposed group should be directed to the proponent.

Proponent: Bert Silverman <bert at nottowayez.net>
Proponent: Kevin Edwards <2pc4evr at wt.net>
Proponent: Don Riedel <driedel at midpac.net>
Proponent: Herbert Bock <herbert.bock at siemens.at>
Proponent: Marc Solioz <marc.solioz at ikp.unibe.ch>
Proponent: Phil Stager <philstag at aol.com>
Proponent: Tydyn Rain St. Clair <tydynrain at yahoo.com>
Proponent: Mark Fellman <Karm40 at aol.com>
Proponent: Barry O'Connell <boc at earthcare.com.au>
Proponent: Charles Lincoln <clincoln at spiritone.com>
Proponent: Jan Dudley <jand2 at juno.com>

Votetaker: David Bostwick <bostwick at cas.chemistry.gatech.edu>

RATIONALE: rec.gardens.bamboo

To put bamboo enthusiasts at all levels of knowledge and experience in touch
with one another and other bamboo organizations worldwide and to consolidate
information about bamboo. To promote, share and diversify uses of bamboo. To
promote and research bamboo generally. There is currently no one Usenet
newsgroup available for the discussion of bamboo. A Deja News Power Search
for March 6, 1999 to June 6, 1999 returned 3965 hits. In reviewing the first
500 articles there were 202 on subject. Using this as a representative
sample of the entire data base, there would be 1601 hits on subject (17 per
day-over 90 days). In addition there are several mailing lists and forums
about bamboo. These are, for the most part, regional services. A newsgroup
for bamboo would not be a replacement for any existing services but would
complement them and help consolidate the world-wide interest in bamboo. The
support group for rec.gardens.bamboo is world wide in makeup and the
majority of the members are not involved with any of the existing services.
This leads us to believe the world wide usage of such a newsgroup will be
well received and increase in usage as the world wide bamboo community
learns of its existence.

CHARTER: rec.gardens.bamboo

This news group will provide a forum for discussing bamboo. Bamboo is a
remarkable plant that grows in all areas of the world and enjoys world-wide
interest. This would be an unmoderated newsgroup, with no official standing
or connection to any company or product.

Advertising Policy:

Following standard Usenet guidelines, the newsgroup is not intended to be
used for commercial advertising, solicitation, or marketing of products or
services. However; a brief description, with no marketing hype, of a bamboo
related business with a link is acceptable.

Acceptable Topics:

The following is a partial list of what is on-topic and is intended only to
give the potential voter the flavor of what kinds of topics would be

Association and Chapter News and Events
Bamboo Arts and Crafts
Bamboo Shoots as Vegetables
Beginner Questions
Building with Bamboo
Books and Articles on Bamboo
Commercial Uses of Bamboo
Cropping and Trimming Groves
Flowering Reports
Growing Temperate and Tropical Species
Links to Bamboo Sites
Maintaining Groves
Pests and Diseases
Propagating Bamboo
Research on Bamboo
Reviews of Grove Visits
Reviews of Sources
Short descriptions of your bamboo business with link
Sources of Bamboo (Links to Commercial growers)

Inappropriate Topics:

Advertising (Links to sources is ok)
Attachments and Binaries
Illegal or Immoral Topics
Personal Attacks
Racial, Religious, Ethnic, or Gender attacks



Pointers directing readers to this CFV were posted in these groups:

bamboo at home.ease.lsoft.com
bamboos at onelist.com
Bamboo and Banana Talk
Ornamental Grasses and Bamboo
Giant Grass (http://www.onelist.com/viewarchive.cgi?listname=giantgrass)

rec.gardens.bamboo Final Vote Ack

This list is not to be used for mailing purposes

Voted Yes
2pc4evr <at> wt.net                                              Kevin Edwards
A&D <at> wideopen.demon.co.uk                              Andrew S. Anderson
adjuster <at> coastalnet.com                                     Curtis Taylor
allent <at> sonic.net                                                    Allen
alpharts <at> squirrel.com.au                                       Ross Smith
animaux <at> ticnet.com                                          Victoria Rain
anna <at> pacific.net                                            Anna Levenson
bamboo <at> acslink.aone.net.au                                     Greg Braun
bamboo <at> azstarnet.com                                        Matt Finstrom
bamboo <at> public.fy.hz.zj.cn                                       He YIling
bamboostan <at> insiderweb.com                                  Janet Brattain
bambugib <at> mail.harborside.com                                   Gib Cooper
Becky_Brenner <at> tivoli.com                                 J. Becky Brenner
BeeCrofter <at> aol.com                                        Thomas Cornick
belinda <at> lart.com                                                  Belinda
berenice.hardman <at> virgin.net                              Berenice Hardman
bert <at> nottowayez.net                                T. R. "Bert" Silverman
bilsland <at> ucs.orst.edu                                       Doug Bilsland
bn872 <at> rgfn.epcc.edu                                      Cabeza Francisco
boc <at> earthcare.com.au                                      Barry O'Connell
bouvin <at> daimi.au.dk                                      Niels Olof Bouvin
btdiga <at> msinets.com                                        Curtis N. Craft
clincoln <at> SpiritOne.com                                    Charles Lincoln
d.midmore <at> cqu.edu.au                                     David J. Midmore
dagilis <at> civil.queensu.ca                                Trevor D. Dagilis
dany.steyaert <at> ping.be                                       Dany Steyaert
davanne <at> prysm.com                                           Anne Kilbourn
david <at> farrar.com                                             David Farrar
david <at> winclean.com.au                                         David Filan
dcalhoun <at> BLomand.Net                                    Dennis D. Calhoun
dereklee <at> workmail.com                                           Derek Lee
djohnson <at> space.honeywell.com                                DAVID JOHNSON
dkeynes <at> netserv.net.au                                         Don Keynes
dktrimb <at> aol.com                                              Doug Trimble
doc <at> zen.america.net                                             Rob Wynne
dontreply <at> not.to.me.anyway                                Gary L. Burnore
doodle <at> teleport.com                                           Joe Pledger
dougob <at> the-spa.com                                           Doug O'Brien
dpriem <at> unidial.com                                           David Priem
dubbermcdo <at> earthlink.net                                      Diana Ranly
dungn <at> ea.oac.uci.edu                                         Dzung Nguyen
dunroamin <at> msinets.com                                       Barbara Craft
eclectic <at> mail.pris.bc.ca                                     C. Gottselig
eda <at> pacific.net                                              Eda Levenson
ejarends <at> earthlink.net                                          ed arends
elliott1 <at> mail.mby.auracom.com                            David H. Elliott
ellis <at> ftel.net                                                 Rick Ellis
fcawth <at> worldnet.att.net                                 FRED R. CAWTHORNE
floratec <at> mediaone.net                                      JAMIE D ABBOTT
fogazzid <at> bigfoot.com                                      Daniele Fogazzi
fosters <at> ix.netcom.com                                            B.Ulrich
FrizzleD <at> mar.dfo-mpo.gc.ca                                   Doug Frizzle
fullerton <at> intur.net                                         Thomas Hooper
gardener <at> mail.ocis.net                                         Ann Hughes
garrapat <at> ix.netcom.com                                   Richard Faulkner
gconnor <at> connorlaw.com                                      Gregory Connor
gordon <at> eatrees.demon.co.uk                                  Gordon Souter
gypsy <at> insync.net                                            Lindy Mendell
Hanabi <at> tesco.net                                                Yuri Fyfe
hans <at> earthcare.com.au                                          Hans Erken
hansen <at> pcisys.net                                           Edward Hansen
Hellmeri <at> aol.com                                           Ingrid Hellmer
HOLLY_ROELANTS <at> bc.sympatico.ca                             Holly Roelants
inside <at> teleport.com                                         Stanford Lynx
iraa <at> winclean.com.au                                         Arthur Tooth
jeremymcm1 <at> aol.com                                        Jeremy McMillan
jfu <at> ufobi6.uni-forst.gwdg.de                                     Jinhe Fu
jmalina <at> best.com                                            Jo Ann Malina
jmbamboo <at> att.net                                          James Mortensen
jmh <at> gmx.net                                                      Jan Haar
johnlynn <at> nrg.com.au                                        John A McLaren
johnsani <at> ozemail.com.au                                       John Tuggey
johnsoc <at> nettally.com                                      Carolyn Johnson
jrcalver <at> ingr.com                                         John R. Calvert
jrussell <at> world.std.com                                 Jacob Hale Russell
karin <at> earthcare.com.au                                        Karin Erken
KARM40 <at> aol.com                                               Mark Fellman
kayo <at> pacific.net                                            Kayo Levenson
kestrel42 <at> aol.com                                           Krista Kinder
kiewicz <at> mw.mediaone.net                                       Pat Kiewicz
klang <at> earthcare.com.au                                      Chris Salomon
KOIKEEPER <at> sprintmail.com                                   michael alfano
kristian.liimatainen <at> helsinki.fi                        Lauri Liimatainen
krtf <at> dove.net.au                                          Peter Ravesteyn
larix <at> well.com                                                Jeff Wagner
laura <at> spiritone.com                                         Laura Lincoln
leu <at> tnq.com.au                                                  Andre Leu
london <at> metalab.unc.edu                                       Larry London
made_sani <at> hotmail.com                                        Ni Made Sani
marc.solioz <at> ikp.unibe.ch                                      Marc Solioz
Margaret_Weston <at> capmac.org                                Margaret Weston
marietta <at> winclean.com.au                                 Marietta Haycock
marisas <at> citrus.infi.net                               Marisa Santonastaso
markandcindy <at> worldnet.att.net                            R Mark Mortensen
mas <at> nottowayez.net                                     Mary Ann Silverman
max.woodtly <at> bluewin.ch                                        max woodtly
mcclenon <at> pop.erols.com                                       Bob McClenon
mdegraeve <at> village.uunet.be                                 Marc De Graeve
mike.cormack <at> intel.com                                       Mike Cormack
mmassell <at> unity.ncsu.edu                       Mara Massel c/o John Crvich
mmitchel <at> bigpond.net.au                                     Mark Mitchell
mmontcha <at> OregonVOS.net                                 Matthew Montchalin
monty <at> shakuhachi.com                                    Monty H. Levenson
mpoag <at> tivoli.com                                             Michael Poag
msing <at> pixie.co.za                                         Michael Singmin
nick <at> winclean.com.au                                          Nick Bryant
npm <at> nmcs.com                                               Nancy Milligan
pan <at> syix.com                                                          Pan
pattist <at> ix.netcom.com                                     Barbara Pattist
pearson <at> midcoast.com.au                                   Marilyn Pearson
peter <at> Taronga.COM                                          Peter da Silva
peter <at> teviot.demon.co.uk                                   Peter Kinghorn
peter <at> winclean.com.au                                         Peter Erken
petersky <at> nwnexus.com                                      Claire Petersky
philstag <at> aol.com                                        Phillip J. Stager
pms <at> iaehv.nl                                                Peter Meeuws.
ptclouds <at> yahoo.com                                      Paul T. Lickorish
PWElectric <at> aol.com                                               Joe Dunn
rane <at> earthcare.com.au                                          Rane Erken
ranlaure <at> ihug.com.au                                        Ruth Lawrence
rb211 <at> nelson.tds.net                                    William W Bagwell
robert-anderssen <at> onqbus.com.au                           Robert Anderssen
roger.vanloon <at> ping.be                                      Roger Van Loon
rufinus <at> mbe.ece.wisc.edu                                        J Rufinus
ry <at> teleport.com                                                Ryan Gavin
sennhauser <at> datacomm.ch                                 Herbert Sennhauser
silvermang <at> VA-ARNG.NGB.ARMY.MIL                        Silverman, Genevia
srdeen <at> mindspring.com                                     Stanley R. Deen
stacia <at> io.com                                              Stacia Kissick
steve <at> wrightnet.demon.co.uk                                  Steve Wright
Steve.Hammonds <at> newscientist.net                            Steve Hammonds
sustag <at> tinet.ie                                              Ute Bohnsack
sven <at> karlsruhe.org                                            Sven Paulus
tanaka <at> colmex.mx                                           Michiko Tanaka
tc <at> Mcs.Net                                                    Thomas Cuny
terram <at> yahoo.com                                          Terra Mortensen
TERRAV <at> aol.com                                         Robert Johannessen
tgm <at> netcom.com                                       Thomas G. McWilliams
thanh <at> redhat.ccc.cccd.edu                                      Thanh Vinh
theron <at> kiva.net                                             Ron Alexander
tina_bh <at> yahoo.com                                       Christina Bharara
totototo <at> mail.pacificcoast.net                            Rodger Whitlock
tov <at> altavista.net                                              Mike Craig
tydynrain <at> yahoo.com                                  Tydyn Rain St. Clair
virgin.net9 <at> virgin.net                                        Alex Dawson
vote-8 <at> kholdan.snafu.de                                       tobias erle
wagill <at> home.com                                             Wayne A. Gill
wakelyn <at> pinn.net                                            N. T. Wakelyn
WhitfiB <at> dms.state.fl.us                                Whitfield, Beatriz
wlk <at> mindless.com                                        William L. Kelsey

Voted No
aahz <at> netcom.com                                                      Aahz
Abhay.Natu <at> wcom.com                                            Abhay Natu
bill <at> scconsult.com                                              Bill Cole
celticwiccan <at> hotmail.com                                      Peter Byron
chriseb <at> nortelnetworks.com                                 Chris Ebenezer
eugenio_sanchez <at> usa.net                                   Eugenio Sanchez
gprrspw <at> mindspring.com                                          G.P. Ryan
janus <at> cwo.com                                                 Keith Adams
kimdv <at> best.com                                               Kim DeVaughn
meg <at> Steam.Stanford.EDU                                         meg worley
naddy <at> mips.rhein-neckar.de                           Christian Weisgerber
olav <at> viking.mv.com                                        Olav Nieuwejaar
rick <at> bcm.tmc.edu                                           Richard Miller
roses <at> cape.com                                     Dolores Scaldini Klimm
stainles <at> bga.com                                             Dwight Brown
yahoo_com <at> francis.uy                                             Frank Uy

evert <at> royal.net                                         Evert Meulie esq.
james <at> sfgiants22.freeserve.co.uk                             James Farrar
merlin <at> netlink.co.uk                                      Darren Wyn Rees

Votes in error
hipocrite <at> mailandnews.com                   Joshua "raise the bar" Kramer
   ! No vote statement in message
Robb <at> iaea.org
   ! No vote statement in message
TQPLlab <at> awinthrop.freeserve.co.uk                                 TQPLlab
   ! Institutional ballot

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