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Steve Hinkson sphinkson at worldnet.att.net
Sat Sep 11 04:32:28 EST 1999

Hell, maybe I'm even older than Bev !  When I first learned programming, it was
on punch cards !  When we got a APL IBM Selectric terminal, I thought that was
heaven !
Bev makes the point, Veronica, that not everyone has access to, nor can afford
updated systems.  I suppose that's a bit true, but should we "dumb-down"
internet for that reason?
Public schools and many public colleges have "dumbed-down" to graduate more and
eliminate less of their enrollment.  Maybe I'm an old fart, but I think that was
a BIG mistake too. Many students are likely not literate enough to use usenet.


veronica wrote:

> bae at cs.toronto.edu (Beverly Erlebacher), reminding us of how she knows ever
> so
> much more than the rest of us, wrote:
> >
> >I've been reading netnews since 1983, and managing news systems for about
> >ten years.  For a while I managed one of the major hubs in Canada.
> This is precisely the attitude I was referring to.  "I've been here longer
> than you and GODDAMIT, I know how it's supposed to work, so do it my way."
> News Flash! This Just In!:  It's not 1983 and the world has changed.  You
> can
> reset your calendars.
> Look, in 1983, when you were downloading news with your 100-300 baud modem
> on
> your 48KB Apple and only 15 very cool and very avant garde people were on
> your
> newsgroups, it may have made sense.  Check your calendar, Beverly, it's
> 1999.
> People have faster modems, faster connections, more computing power, and
> there
> are hundreds of millions of people on Usenet.  If you want to go back to
> your
> 1983 culture where everyone worshipped the great god Bandwidth Conservation,
> start a mail list then all 15 of you can hark back to the good old days when
> you ran a major hub that had, oh maybe 2 dozen connections, and you can tell
> yourselves how much cooler you are than all these newcomers who just don't
> appreciate how it was in the good-old-days.
>    and then she wrote
> >
> >Usenet has been the only successful large scale anarchy the world has seen
> >so far.  Successful anarchies are based on cooperation.
> Huh?, maybe you need to look up anarchy.  Primary rule: "no rules;" that's
> what anarchy is all about, not: "do it my way because that's how it's done."
> That's my opinion.  As always, we'll make room for other points of view.
> >
> >Beverly Erlebacher <bae at cs.toronto.edu>                Office: SF2112
> >CSLab Systems Administrator                    Phone: 416-978-1979
> >University of Toronto                          Fax:   416-978-4765
> >Toronto, Ontario Canada

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