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veronica veronica at MailAndNews.com
Mon Sep 6 19:02:36 EST 1999

bae at cs.toronto.edu (Beverly Erlebacher), reminding us of how she knows ever 
much more than the rest of us, wrote:

>I've been reading netnews since 1983, and managing news systems for about
>ten years.  For a while I managed one of the major hubs in Canada.

This is precisely the attitude I was referring to.  "I've been here longer 
than you and GODDAMIT, I know how it's supposed to work, so do it my way."

News Flash! This Just In!:  It's not 1983 and the world has changed.  You 
reset your calendars.

Look, in 1983, when you were downloading news with your 100-300 baud modem 
your 48KB Apple and only 15 very cool and very avant garde people were on 
newsgroups, it may have made sense.  Check your calendar, Beverly, it's 
People have faster modems, faster connections, more computing power, and 
are hundreds of millions of people on Usenet.  If you want to go back to 
1983 culture where everyone worshipped the great god Bandwidth Conservation, 
start a mail list then all 15 of you can hark back to the good old days when 
you ran a major hub that had, oh maybe 2 dozen connections, and you can tell 
yourselves how much cooler you are than all these newcomers who just don't 
appreciate how it was in the good-old-days.

   and then she wrote

>Usenet has been the only successful large scale anarchy the world has seen
>so far.  Successful anarchies are based on cooperation.

Huh?, maybe you need to look up anarchy.  Primary rule: "no rules;" that's 
what anarchy is all about, not: "do it my way because that's how it's done."

That's my opinion.  As always, we'll make room for other points of view.

>Beverly Erlebacher <bae at cs.toronto.edu>		Office: SF2112
>CSLab Systems Administrator			Phone: 416-978-1979
>University of Toronto				Fax:   416-978-4765
>Toronto, Ontario Canada

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