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sego palm or something.. advise required please :

veronica veronica at MailAndNews.com
Mon Sep 6 18:39:22 EST 1999

Sego Palm, Cycas revoluta.

Interesting plant, not a palm, not a fern.

It grows slowly, putting out one set of leaves a year, typically a potted 
palm will make 3-6 leaves.  Note that the entire unit that grows from the 
(trunk) is a single leave.  The leaf is divided into leaflets.  As the 
age, the leaflets turn yellow.  You should be giving it plenty of light, and 
dilute fertilizer containing nitrogen and iron (other stuff too, but it's N 
and Fe that keep the leaflets green).

Eventually the leaves reach a point where all the leaflets have yellowed.  
this stage, you might as well cut them off, they're dead.

Give them light, don't let them dry out, fertilize regularly in a potting 
with good drainage and the leaves should last more than one year.  
it will develop into a very impressive specimen.  They grow slowly.  During 
the warm months the pot can go outside, but I'd avoid direct, midday sun, 
filtered or open shade is best.  They will not take frost.

Good luck.

>===== Original Message From "Genaside" <Genaside at Genaside.freeserve.co.uk> 
>Hello to this news group,
>i hope this is the right place to be, i`m writing this post for my mother
>(she doesnt have a clue about computers) and she would really appreciate any
>info / help..
>The problem seems to be about a sego palm plant which she has, apparently it
>grows a new leaf every year ? well recently a leaf bit from one of the
>leaf`s went from a green to a yellow colour (did that make sense?) what im
>trying to say is that it wasnt a whole leaf which changed colour (there 3
>leafs) it was just a leaf from that leaf.. an explination would help so
>another thing is the plant looks like a new leaf is growing.. i think she
>read in a book it grows a new leaf every year, funny thing is that it looks
>like 3 leafs are growing up from the centre of the plant, any ideas on that
>thank you for reading if you can help in any way please do so, much
>- Chris.

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