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Peace Lily flowers dying

ntbandit at globec.com.au ntbandit at globec.com.au
Wed Jun 23 16:18:12 EST 1999

In article <01beb6d5$e82e72c0$a242c7d0 at fleming>,
  "John Fleming" <flem at cybercomm.net> wrote:
> Hello,
> I received a peace lily as a house-warming gift and I've had it for
> 1.5 months now.  The plant had two flowers already and two more were
> in.  About 2 weeks ago, the existent flowers turned brown and died.
> two new flowers also turned brown and died before they fully came
in.  The
> leaves of the plant look fine however.  Though I am now noticing a
bit of
> yellow at the tip of some leaves.  I had originally kept the plant
below a
> window sill, it received very little direct sunlight however.  Around
> time I noticed the flowers dying, i moved the plant to an area that
> it much less light and no direct sunlight.
> I was originally giving the plant water about every other day.  I
> maybe that was too much, so I've since backed off to about once every
> day.  I haven't done anything to the soil.
> Can anyone please tell me why this supposedly easily cared for plant
> dying in my care?  Thank you.
> John Fleming
> flem at cybercomm.net
g'day john,

sounds more like a too much water problem with the leaves going yellow,
try letting it dry out a bit between waters, then to water put plant
and pot into a bucket or such container fill with water until the water
reaches the top of the lily pot then let it soak for about an hour,
remove and drain then put back into position. use you index finge as a
water check push it into the soil to the first knuckle if the soil
attached to the finger is still damp then it won't need a water, also
it doesn't hurt to let the plant begin to wilt a little before
watering, don't let it dry out altogether though.

for flowering it will need a very good light situation, even say put it
in a protected outside spot until it flowers then bring it back in,
they require good light but not direct sun.

feed with a 9 month slow release fertiliser, on an anual basis.


happy gardening
'it works for me it could work for you'
"old age and treachury will overcome youth and skill"

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