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Killing ants without killing the tree ??

Pfeffa pfeffa at rocketmail.com
Wed Jun 16 16:58:44 EST 1999

In my case with the orange trees, the ants actually bring in and then tend
"flocks" of aphids and mealy bugs. Keeping the ants out of the trees does a
surprisingly good job of keeping the aphid and mealy bug populations down
without spraying insecticides. They simply don't multiply and spread as
quickly as when their "shepherds" help them out. Also, I found it rather
annoying to have ants crawling all over me when picking oranges :)


Don Staples wrote:

> Are the ants causing damage?  Perhaps letting nature run it's course might
> be a better solution.  The ants may be a symptom of other problems,  decay
> for one, possibly aphids another.  Treating the cause may eliminate the
> ants.  Or, conversely, the ants may be beneficial in some cases.
> Pfeffa wrote:
> > If the tree has smooth bark, you can smear a thick ring of petroleum
> > jelly (Vaseline) around the tree about a foot off the ground. The ants
> > can't walk over it, and it doesn't wash off the tree when it rains. I
> > have used it on my backyard orange trees. Just make sure that no other
> > part of the tree touches the ground or other trees, because then the
> > ants will find an alternate route into the tree you are trying to
> > protect.
> >
> > -Debbie
> >
> > "philipp.danner" wrote:
> >
> > > Do you know a method to keep away ants from a tree ???
> > > Best without chemie.
> > > You can see the ants walking outside of the tree up and down.
> > >
> > > I would be so plased if you can help me
> > >   Thanks                   Phil
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