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SIMPLE plant question....HELP!!

Laurie B Adams lba36727 at glaxowellcome.com
Mon Jun 7 09:20:59 EST 1999

As a former horticulturist, I can say with assurance to give it the finger!

(By that I mean, stick a finger at least an inch into the soil, to see
or not it is moist or dry or soggy.)

Three basic care problems can cause browning of leaf margins:

1. Too little water (plant starts to die from the edges inward) 
Solution: Keep checking the moisture in the soil. Water when
the soil is almost, but not bone dry.

2. Too much water (rots the roots, so the plant begins to die, as 
Solution: Keep checking the moisture in the soil. Wait to water 
until the soil is pretty dry. The plant may take a while to recover, 
because it has to grow new roots to replace the ones that rotted 
away.  Be brave and strong, and remember that until it has grown
new roots, it cannot USE a lot of water, but will drown in it.

3. Soluble salts buildup in the soil if it is potted. If the plant is in 
a pot for a long time without repotting, soluble salts from fertilizer 
or the local water can build up in the soil, essentially burning 
the plant.
Solution: Repot the plant in fresh potting soil. If it was in a clay 
pot and the pot has mineral buildup on it, either scrub and the pot 
to remove it, or use a clean new pot, and soak and scrub the old 
one over a period of time till you have removed and leached out the 
chemicals. Keep checking the moisture in the soil, so you do not 
over- or under-water the plant, since that can comppound the prob-
lems the plant is experiencing.

In all the above scenarios, you can carefully trim the brown from the
edges of damaged leaves. Once the plant is healthier and again pro-
ducing new growth, you can prune away the damaged leaves, so
the plant will put all its energy into the new ones.

Cheers,                 laurie brooke adams (Mother Mastiff)

JLeosnow <jleosnow at aol.com> wrote in article
<19990603184848.14900.00000211 at ng-fr1.aol.com>...
> Can anyone tell me, when a plant, I'm assuming this would be the same for
> indoor potted plant and an outdoor plant (ex.Hosta) starts turning brown
> the edge of the leaves inward, what type of water condition does this
> indicate??  Too much or not enough?  Thanks.
> -John 

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