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Pony Tail Palm

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Sat Jun 5 17:03:13 EST 1999

In article <3757F420.333D at ucdavis.edu>,
  Catherine Ann Nyberg <canyberg at ucdavis.edu> wrote:
> Hello-
> 	My name is Catherine Nyberg and I am a student at UC Davis.  I
> have a question about pony tail palms.  The tips of the leaves of my
> palm turn brown and are dead, should I cut them off, and will this
> prevent the rest of the leaves from dying?  I guess this question
> also go for any plant.  Thanks for the help.
> 	Sincerely,
> 	Catherine Nyberg
g'day catherine,

i assume you mean 'beaucarnea recurvata'?

now you don't say if it is a potted plant so i'll treat it as potted.

dying at the tips can either be a light problem or a water problem, if
indoors they need to be in a good light situation but no direct sun
through glass, and cutting the dead tips won't stop the damage it will
just keep going brown until the leaf is dead.

these plants will take full sun in outdoors conditions.

they are a succulent type plant and it can be very easy to over water,
so it is best to let the mix all but dry out before rewatering, the
plant will use its own water reseves long before it suffers from lack
of water, this will be obvious when the plant bulb beigins to wrinkle
and shrivle.

those 2 probelms are the most likely cause of the damaged tips.


happy gardening
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