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Starbuck pmdlandarch at earthlink.net
Mon Jul 26 13:10:48 EST 1999

>>>I'd like to say that radius is half of the diameter,
so if the trunk were one-inch in caliper, the area
of the "no burial, no digging" zone would be two
feet (24 inches) in diameter. So my math tells me
that if comparing inches in diameter with inches
in diameter, the ratio is 24...not 12.<<<

Thank you.

>>>For bigger trees a caliper is not very easy to measure,
so it is probably best to use a tape measure and get
a circumference. After you have the circumference (pi*d)
you divide by 3 to get a "nice-round-number" for the
diameter. If you multiply this number by 24, then you
will have the diameter of the "no interference" zone.<<<

Of course, tape measures that are graduated to read the diameter directly
are available from most forestry supply houses.  (Very useful for those of
us whose specialty is something other than math.)  Just measure the diameter
in inches, double it in your head.. and that's how many feet radius one

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