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Mon Jul 26 09:42:00 EST 1999

In article <l03130302b3c2170dca5b@[]>, 
koning at ECSUC.CTSTATEU.EDU (Ross Koning) wrote:

> comparing apples to oranges (a US idiom).

But understood over here.  8-)

The subscriber in question, "Starbuck", was also the poster of the 
original "that is 1 foot radius for 1 inch trunk caliper" message. You, 
like I, must try to guess the meaning of his "no", because he didn't have 
the grace to elaborate on his answer.

> Most academic types (myself included here) like
> to have our units comparable.  So if we are measuring
> diameter of one item, we want to relate it to diameter
> of the other (not to its radius).

Ahem. Radius and diameter are dimensions. Units are things like foot, 
centimetre and kilogram. (You will note, by the way, that the original 
ratio combined radius and diameter.)

> It is also true that most of us academic folks like to stick with
> one kind of unit.

You wouldn't enjoy Britain, then, where we nonchalantly deal in quantities 
such as 30 metres of half-inch tubing and the like. We haven't really 
taken metrication to our hearts. 8-)

Thanks for your help in this, Ross, but I think we ought to draw public 
discussion to a close. It can't be very interesting for other people

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Roger Whitehead,
Oxted, Surrey, England

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