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Weed Indentification

Scott Mcphee hyphae at email.msn.com
Thu Jul 8 01:33:29 EST 1999

I also wanted to mention that in addition to clothes, shoes, etc. that
others have previously mentioned, pets can also get the oil on their fur and
transmit it to you.

Technu has worked extrememly well for me also.

I also have a question about poison oak that I have wondered about for a
long time. How is the rash spread? I can get a tiny little spot, and from
that spot infect large areas of my body (I'm quite good at this actually!).
If I am correct, the oil blocks the white cells ability to recognize the
cells because they are covered with the oil. How can that tiny amount of oil
become great enough to spread all over?

Thanks for any info and clarifications,


Starbuck wrote in message <7ltimr$97o$1 at oak.prod.itd.earthlink.net>...
>Jewelweed (columbine) is one recommended home remedy, but it doesn't look
>like what you describe.
>You appear to be re-exposing yourself.  It normally lasts not more than a
>week or so.  But the plant oils can hang around indefinately.  I suggest
>that you launder all of your clothes, sheets, pillowcases, towels (and
>anything else that you are regularly intimate with) in two cycles of hot
>soapy water to remove any trace of the resin.  Wipe down your shoes, belts,
>outdoor gear, and anything else that can't be washed with a new product
>called "tech-nu" now available at most drug stores.  Use the same lotion on
>your skin to nuetralize the plant resin.
>See a doctor for a series of ivy antidote pills.  I've been on them (over a
>thirty day period) a couple of times now.  There is also a pre-exposure
>injection that you can get, but you are too late for that now.
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