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searching for bamboo removal tips!

Steve Hinkson sphinkson at worldnet.att.net
Mon Jul 5 17:56:15 EST 1999

I'd bet the plant you're fighting is Arundo donax.  It isn't actually a bamboo,
although it grows something like one. Glyphosphate will work (round-up), but only
on the actively growing parts.
The "giant" grasses have a great deal of dormant tissue underground compared to the
part that shows.  you have to respray and respray to kill all of the rhizomes.  One
thing that will help, believe it or not is to water it well, and then feed it a
high-nitrogen lawn food.  When a thousand shoots are stimulated, spray.  That
procedure will cause a great many of the dormant rhizomes to sprout.  You'll likely
still have to respray all summer this year, and maybe a time or two next spring.

Chuck In VA BEACH VA wrote:

> Help!  In search of removal tips for bamboo!
> Ok heres my parents situation:
>        They had a patch of Bamboo in my back yard  (all mesurments est)  5-6
> feet wide and 50-60 feet long and at least 15-25 feet high.  All stalks have
> now been removed (BY ME!) Down to the ground or at least to about 2" stubs.
> Man was that fun cause this is was a very thick patch! (We're renting property)
> Owners had used as a privicy fence and it was very very dense(before I cut it
> down there was a hell of a lot of field mice and other critters living there,
> we even found old birds nest up in the shoots). And shoots were at least 1 1/2"
> round.  Ok,  I've tried every thing from trying to piece by piece dig it up and
> cut it out!  (no good)  recently we've tried RoundUP brush clear mixed with
> other brush clearing chemicals.(three weeks ago) It did kill off some of the
> new growth (green buschs) but it hasnt stoped it!
>         I'm searching for some help!  (if you have any TNT please mail and i
> will try that!)  Other than being told to dig it out down to 3-4 feet deep and
> fill hole with concrete what else can i do!??!?!?!?!?  I'm willing to work hard
> but I need a direction to go! (besides crazy!)
>             Ok so any help is greatly thanked!
>                             Thanks alot in advance!
>    Chuck Hardy
>    VA Beach VA
>    vabeach24 at aol.com
>   ps
>   send your tips soon!  Its just getting hotter and hotter here!  THANKS!  =-)
> Chuck in VA BEACH VA
> vabeach24 at aol.com
> vabeach24 at netzero.net
> vabeach24 at go.com
> send it to one I'm sure I'll get it!  =-)

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