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Steve Hinkson sphinkson at worldnet.att.net
Mon Jul 5 16:51:50 EST 1999

Your point is very well taken, yet, plant genetics have been manipulated for
centuries by selective breeding.  If McDonalds, or anyone else, for that
matter, want to use the original, they're buns would cost $8 each to produce
from "wild wheat" and they're salads wouldn't likely be available but for a
couple of weeks a year.  I don't think they're plan will work out.

Stephen M Jankalski wrote:

> Is McDonald's banning General Motors (GM) too?
> All the plant and animal material in their food has been genetically
> modified in one form or another since ancient times.
> What will their food be made from now? Plastics?
> Yet another fast food chain is overeacting from a misunderstanding of what
> genetically modified actually means. They are bowing to the ignorance of
> the uninformed public. Shame on them all.
> They should have been informing the public to the facts instead.
> Ban-GMO at hotmail.com wrote in article <37762D68.DD804840 at hotmail.com>...
> >
> >  DAILY MAIL JULY 12, 1999
> >
> >  McDONALD'S is banning genetically modified ingredients from its
> > burger buns, sauces and other products.
> >  Previously the restaurant chain indicated that derivatives of
> > genetically modifled crops were considered safe and it did not
> > intend changing recipes to remove or label them.
> >  Now the American-based company is to ask suppliers to provide
> > GM-free ingredients and derivatives.
> >  The move is seen by critics of genetically modified crops and food
> > as a further blow to the biotech industry.
> >  It Is also a victory for consumer choice and the Daily Mail's
> > Genetic Food Watch campaign, which has highlighted the introduction
> > of modified ingredients into the national diet by stealth.
> >  The decision by Mcdonald's means that nearly all the major fast
> > food chains, including burger, chicken and pizza outlets, have bowed
> > to public pressure to jettison the ingredients.
> >  McDonald's, which stopped using British beef in its meals at the
> > height of the BSE scare, will now have to change the recipe for
> > millions of burger buns currently containing flour which may come
> > from genetically modified soya.
> >  It will also be working to remove oil and lecithin--both
> > derivatives of soya--from sauces it uses.
> >  The chain, which serves 2.5 million customers a day at its 900 UK
> > outlets, has already removed GM maize starch from the coating of its
> > filet-o-fish range. In March, McDonald's made clear that it
> > considered GM derivatives safe for use in food.
> >  Now it says: 'We have listened to the concerns expressed by
> > consumers seeking further information and reassurance. Our highest
> > priority is the safety of our customers.
> >  'We want to be assured that the products and ingredients we are
> > using are of the highest standards of quality and safety.'
> >  A spokesman said the company had not set a timescale for removing
> > GM derivatives because it would first have to find reliable
> > alternative sources of ingredients.
> >  He added: 'The policy is evolving in every country where we have
> > outlets in response to consumer concerns.'
> >  Among the other chains, Pizza Express and Domino Pizza believe they
> > are already free from GM ingredients and derivatives. Wimpy City
> > Centre Restaurants--which owns Cafe Uno, Garfunkels, Deep Pan Pizza
> > Company and Cafe Metro--Perfect Pizza and Pret a Manger are all
> > removing GM ingredients and derivatives.
> >  Pizza Hut, KFC and Burger King are removing the main GM ingredients
> > but have yet to ban derivatives.
> >  Friends of the Earth food campaigner Adrian Bebb said last night:
> >  'We are delighted that Mcdonald is listening to consumer fears and
> > is removing GM ingredients from its products.
> >  'Hopefully this means that the chain will go completely GM-free.
> >  'The market for GM food and ingredients has collapsed. No one
> > appears to want them.
> >  'The Government must now take steps to help companies to go GM-free
> > rather than promote a biotech industry. most people do not want.'
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
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