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BEN # 214 - BOTANY BC + BotWA MEETING 1999

Adolf Ceska aceska at VICTORIA.TC.CA
Sun Feb 14 01:52:44 EST 1999

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No. 214                              February 13, 1999

aceska at freenet.victoria.bc.ca        Victoria, B.C.
 Dr. A. Ceska, P.O.Box 8546, Victoria, B.C. Canada V8W 3S2

From: Andy MacKinnon <andy.mackinnon at gems1.gov.bc.ca>

This  year's  BOTANY  BC  takes place from Thursday, April 29 to
Sunday, May 2 in the southern Gulf Islands. This  year  for  the
first  time  we  are  hosting  a joint session with our southern
neighbor, BOTANY WASHINGTON (BotWA). Gulf Islands  and  the  ad-
jacent  San  Juan  Islands are part of the same archipelago, and
are botanically and historically related  in  fascinating  ways.
Our  dates  are  early  this  year to catch some of the islands'
early blooming coastal species. We have booked the entire  Cedar
Beach  Resort  on  St.  Mary  Lake  on  Salt Spring Island. This
beautiful lakefront resort  comes  complete  with  beach  house,
fireplaces, sauna and boats! Children are welcome!

Join us as we explore the Gulf Islands' rich spring flora with a
group  of expert botanists by day (including a boat trip through
the Gulf Islands to Saturna Island),  followed  by  BOTANY  BC's
always  entertaining and interesting talks, workshops, music and
general debauchery by night.

Our speakers include:

*  Dr.  Art  Kruckeberg,  Professor  Emeritus,   University   of
   Washington,   plant  ecologist  and  geobotanist,  author  of
   numerous  botanical  publications  including  Gardening  with
   Native Plants
*  Dr.  Linda  Ann Vorobik - botanist and botanical illustrator;
   illustrator for the new Jepson's Manual of California Flora
* Dr. Fred Ganders, Professor of Botany and Curator of  the  UBC
   Herbarium,.  Has worked on flower and pollination biology and
   genetics of  B.C's.  native  plants,  co-authored  Wildflower
* Harvey Janszen, Saturna island resident and botanist, has done
   extensive research on Gulf Islands flora
*  Dr.  Adolf  Ceska,  Community  Ecologist,  Conservation  Data
   Centre, BC Ministry of Environment
* Jenifer Penny, Conservation Data Centre, Botany Section


Thursday,  April 29 6:30-9:00 BYOB and Cheese Social. (Soft goat
   cheeses, blue cheese, camembert and more will be supplied  by
   Salt Spring's renowned Weston Lake Farms).
   * Welcoming Remarks
   * Briony Penn, Introduction to Salt Spring Island
   * Harvey Janszen, Salt Spring Flora
   * Jenifer Penny, Rare Plants of the Gulf Islands
Friday, April 20
   * 8:00  Breakfast at Cedar Beach
   * 9:00-5:00  Field Trip on Salt Spring, bagged lunch
   * 6:00  Dinner at Cedar Beach
   * 7:00  Dr. Fred Ganders, UBC, Ecological Genetics
              of Plants in the Gulf Islands
   * 7:30  Dr. Linda Vorobik  Sketching without Fear:
              Recording of Visual Data
   * 8:30  Harvey Janszen, Flora of the Gulf Islands
Saturday, May 1
   * 8:00  Breakfast at Cedar Beach
   * 9:00-5:00  Boat Trip to Saturna Island, bagged lunch
   * 6:00  Dinner at Cedar Beach
   * 7:00 Dr. Adolf Ceska, Island Geography:  Local Names
              and Forgotten Heroes of the Pig War
   * 7:30  Dr. Art Kruckeberg, Edaphic Islands
Sunday, May 2
   * 8:00  Breakfast at Cedar Beach
   * Last Words and Checkout
   * Field Trip to Vancouver island via Vesuvius Bay Ferry
     from Salt Spring Island to Crofton on Vancouver Island
     to visit Mt. Tzuhalem
Registration fee

   The  registration  fee  for this year's Botany BC is $45, and
   covers  the  cost  of  guest  speakers,  local  cheeses   for
   Thursday's  Social,  and  a  boat  trip  to Saturna Island on


   Cedar Beach offers the following accommodation options:

   Nine 1-bedroom cabins, sleep up  to  4  (queen-sized  bed  in
   bedroom  plus 2 twins and a sofabed in main room). $100/night
   for the cabin, or $25/night/person.

   Eight 2-bedroom cabins, sleep up to 7 (queen-sized bed,  plus
   a  2nd  bedroom with bunkbeds and a hideabed). $120/night for
   the cabin, or $15/night/person.

   Camping is available for $10 per night, which includes access
   to all resort facilities.

What to bring

   Don't forget to bring clothing to keep you warm  and  dry,  a
   swimsuit  (for  beautiful St. Mary Lake), musical instruments
   for evening singalongs, between-meal beverages, etc.


   Meals will be provided at Cedar  Beach  Resort  by  INTERLUDE
   (Interesting   Edibles   Rendered   Lovingly  Under  Demented
   Environments), a Salt Spring Island catering company  with  a
   reputation  for preparing beautiful meals using good quality,
   local and where possible organic ingredients. "Everything  is
   served with a sense of humour", they promise.

   Breakfasts  are  buffet-style:  granola,  yogurt, fresh-baked
   breakfasty things, great condiments (local honey,  blackberry
   jam,  etc.),  breakfast  souffle (an egg concoction), coffee,
   tea, juice.

   Lunches are  bagged:  sandwiches  and/or  wraps  (tortillas),
   fruit, baked goodies, some kind of drink.

   Dinners  are: (Friday), something along the lines of lasagna,
   fresh bread, mixed locally-grown organic green salad, coffee,
   teas, great dessert; (Saturday), cashew carrot loaf,  chicken
   phyllo,  green  bean  caesar  salad,  coffee, teas, wonderful

For more information about Botany B.C./Botany  Washington  1999,
   please contact:

   Andy MacKinnon
   (250-) 387-6536
   andy.mackinnon at gems1.gov.bc.ca

   Jan Kirkby
   (250-) 387-0732
   jkirkby at FWHDEPT.ENV.GOV.BC.CA

                ALL PRICES ARE IN CANADIAN $$$ !

            -------------- cut here ---------------







Please indicate below which accommodations you prefer:

_ I want to book a 1-bedroom cabin ($100/night) for ___ night(s)

_ I want to book a 2-bedroom cabin ($120/night) for ___ night(s)

_ I want to book a bed in a 1-bedroom cabin ($25/night)
          for ___ night(s)
(organizers will ensure that cabins are all-male or all-female).
Preferred cabin-mate(s): ____________________

__ I want to book a bed in a 2-bedroom cabin ($15/night)
          for __ night(s)
(organizers will ensure that cabins are all-male or all-female).
Preferred cabin-mate(s): ____________________

__ I want to camp ($10/night) for ___ night(s)


MEALS: Please check the meals you want:

ALL MEALS            ___     $78.00
Breakfast April 30   ___      $9.50
Bag Lunch April 30   ___      $7.50
Dinner April 30      ___     $18.00

Breakfast May 1      ___      $9.50
Bag Lunch May 1      ___      $7.50
Dinner May 1         ___     $18.00

Breakfast May 2      ___      $8.00




Please make checks payable to BOTANY BC and
    mail with registration form to :

Botany B.C. 1999, c/o Elizabeth Easton
B.C. Ministry of Forests, Research Branch
3rd Floor, 712 Yates Street,
Victoria, B.C. V8L 1W4 CANADA

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   (no apostrophes) to  majordomo at victoria.tc.ca
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