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Genetically modified crops - February issue

Ben David b_david2 at netvision.net.il
Sat Feb 13 16:33:14 EST 1999

Phil Jones wrote:

> It is being put about by the media that genes from GM foods could
> enter the human gene pool via the stomach, and so cause human
> gene modification.
> If true then all animals have been sharing genes with other animals and
> plants for millions of years.
> So whats so bad about that?.
> The fuss about the GM potatoes encourages me to ask the question:
> were non-GM potatoes run as a control?
> If we start treating foods like drugs then think of all the results
> that would come from the testing of everyday foods. I can't believe
> that no common food has potential risks to the immune system
> or general health.

Yes but:

1) No common food has had its genes tampered with in this invasive way. The fact is that organisms have NOT been "sharing genes" like this.
Not for millions of years, not ever. And it's highly likely that grafting a snippet of fish DNA into the completely different environment of
a carrot may cause more unforeseen problems than the natural genetic mutations that occur within a population of carrots.

2) Someone is charging money for this. Someone is selling this. That someone has to give assurance of safety.
Hey, if I had such a wonderful product - I'd make the growers put a fancy sticker on every tomato. Yet the Monsantos of the world are doing
all they can to keep their produce from being labelled, to keep the decision out of the consumers hands. Why?
The agritech companies have learned their lessons. It's now thirty years since thalidomide, and forty-odd since DDT was rolled out. The
agritech lawyers are doing all they can to cover their tracks, to make sure that any negative effects cannot be traced back to their
products. What will the consumer say? "My child developed the symptoms after eating a tomato". Right, madam.......which tomato?
Once the regulatory battles are won, once the GM produce hits the markets, there will be no trail of accountability.

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