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Genetically modified crops - February issue

Alan J Holmes G4CRW at rnars1087.freeserve.co.uk
Wed Feb 10 10:56:47 EST 1999

Alastair Rae wrote in message <36BAEA03.AF452EC at tertio.com.NOSPAM>...
>What the xxxx has this to do with uk.rec.birdwatching?

If you didn't have such a closed mind you would realise that birds eat seeds
from crops, if those crops are liberaly sprayed with foul chemicals it will
not be long before there aren't any birds to watch!

Try that simple thing called thinking!

>Watch your cross posting.
>Alan Gould wrote:
>> In article <7977k6$9td$2 at mendelevium.btinternet.com>, Terry Harper
>> <Terry.Harper at btinternet.com> writes
>> >I am lying on my back with my legs in the air!
>> >
>> >Could someone do genetic engineering on the grey squirrel. I am just off
>> >shoo him away again.
>> Some very worrying developments emerged yesterday (04.02.99) about GMOs.
>> On Any Questions, Peter Haskins, (Lord Haskins, Govt. Minister, Northern
>> Foods et al) admitted to great embarrassment about the whole affair.
>> He insisted that consumers will have enough information to make a choice
>> about whether to buy food with GM material in it. He expressed great
>> concern about the effects which widespread growing of GM crops could
>> have on wild plants and animals, adjoining non GM growing areas, gardens
>> etc., but said that the Govt. was acting on scientific advice. He then
>> implied that political and legal pressures from USA are leaving Europe
>> with less and less options about buying GM food under existing world
>> trade agreements.
>> (I quote from memory, I believe and hope correctly)
>> A very good point was made about the relative risk from eating beef on
>> the bone, which is to continue to be banned in UK, compared to that from
>> growing and eating GM crops, which seem to be progressing whatever
>> anyone says. References were also made to the great benefits which could
>> accrue to Third World countries by feeding their hungry, presumably
>> under similar world trading agreements.
>> [multiple posting - and yes, it does concern birds and their watchers]
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