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seed warning

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seed warning
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>This is REAL and critical stuff- please read the entire posting and
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>Now here's something to darken your day and restore your faith in natural
> With the millenium approaching I thought you'all would appreciate the
>	Marty
>>>Date: Fri, 18 Dec 1998 10:33:44 -0800
>>>From: "Bob Mueller" <bob.mueller at lightspeed.wa.com>
>>>Subject: Terminator Technology
>>>December 18th, 1998
>>>To whom it should concern:
>>>Hi.  My name is Bob Mueller.  I'm not a paid activist, nor am I
>>>really an activist at all, aside from the fact that I've been
>>>jostled out of complacency enough to write this alert.  I am,
>>>however, an ordinary citizen who is quite unsettled by one
>>>specific issue:  U.S. Patent 5,723,765, entitled "Control of
>>>Plant Gene Expression".  The patent covers technology referred to
>>>as a plant "Technology Protection System" (TPS), otherwise known as
>>>Terminator Technology.
>>>My goal is simple:  to share my concern with you, in the hope
>>>that you will be alarmed enough to more completely educate yourself
>>>regarding this matter.  For if I can accomplish this, I am
>>>convinced, you will surely ACT.
>>>The USDA, spending public money, has developed a technology
>>>whereby seeds can be stripped of their ability to propagate.
>>>They are in the process of patenting the process worldwide on
>>>behalf of Monsanto, through a subsidiary (Delta and Pine Land
>>>The driving force behind the Terminator technology is the ability
>>>for Monsanto, and Delta and Pine Land Co., to protect their
>>>"inventions" from being "duplicated" unlawfully, which, granted,
>>>sounds appropriate and fair.
>>>The result, however, will be to replace natural crops worldwide,
>>>with genetically enhanced, superior, high yield crops.  Superior,
>>>that is, except for the fact that they can no longer reproduce
>>>themselves, effectively forcing farmers worldwide to buy their
>>>seeds annually from Monsanto...the world's only supplier.
>>>The patent applies to ALL PLANTS.
>>>This is the ultimate in Capitalism.  We're going to remove
>>>nature's ability to propagate herself, so we can charge money for
>>>that privilege.
>>>However, I only wish this were the full extent of the issue.
>>>The part that pushes my button; the part that really unnerves me,
>>>is the probability that, for all their careful planning, this
>>>genetically altered organism will share its suicidal genes with
>>>OTHER plant species.
>>>Most children know about the "birds and the bees" ...
>>>Indeed, Martha L. Crouch, Associate Professor of Biology at 
>>>Indiana University, has published a series of papers specifying
>>>how the resulting castrated plants WILL be able to sterilize
>>>nearby normal species, via the spread of Terminator pollen.  Not
>>>only that, but how these plants will be able to actually *pass*
>>>the toxin gene to other plant species through cross-pollination:
>>>> when farmers plant the Terminator seeds, the
>>>> seeds already will have been treated with
>>>> tetracycline, and thus the recombinase will
>>>> have acted, and the toxin coding sequence will
>>>> be next to the seed-specific promoter, and
>>>> will be ready to act when the end of seed
>>>> development comes around. The seeds will grow
>>>> into plants, and make pollen.  Every pollen
>>>> grain will carry a ready-to-act toxin gene. If
>>>> the Terminator crop is next to a field planted
>>>> in a normal variety, and pollen is taken by
>>>> insects or the wind to that field, any
>>>> eggs fertilized by the Terminator pollen will
>>>> now have one toxin gene. It will be activated
>>>> late in that seed's development, and the seed
>>>> will die.  However, it is unlikely that the
>>>> person growing the normal variety will be able
>>>> to tell, because the seed will probably look
>>>> normal. Only when that seed is planted, and
>>>> doesn't germinate, will the change become
>>>> apparent.
>>>> In most cases, the toxin gene will not be
>>>> passed on any further, because dead plants
>>>> don't reproduce. However, under certain
>>>> conditions I will discuss later, it is
>>>> possible for the toxin gene to be inherited.
>>>Yet this "product" has been virtually assured of being passed as
>>>safe, in the USDA's own words:  "These approvals are expected
>>>because there appear to be no crop or food safety risks to the
>>>new technology. There also appear to be no environmental risks."
>>>Now why would the USDA come to this conclusion on a technology
>>>that has only been tested by those having a vested interest in
>>>its commercial success?
>>>Could it be because it's worth an estimated 1.5 billion dollars
>>>a year in licensing fees alone, and the USDA is LICENSING the
>>>technology to Monsanto?
>>>Awesome economics on a global scale.  Patent has been applied for
>>>in 87 countries.
>>>Please, please, go to the following web page, and read the data...
>>>both sides of the story.  There are many more potential problems
>>>with this technology than I have outlined here.  Follow the links.
>>>Assure yourself that you are, indeed, awake, for you may be
>>>tempted to think this is merely a bad dream -- or a science-fiction
>>>If you are as affected by the nature of this venture as I was, at
>>>the very least, please use the RAFI site to model a letter of
>>>protest that will be sent simultaneously to the Secretary of the
>>>US Department of Agriculture, the Administrator of the USDA
>>>Agricultural Research Service, the Chair of the US House of
>>>Representatives Agriculture Committee, and the Chair of the US
>>>Senate Agriculture Committee.
>>>This technology has NOT yet been commercialized.  We are, in
>>>fact, in the uncommon position of being able to say no before it 
>>>becomes widespread -- pun intended.
>>>I hope I have convinced you to examine this issue.
>>>As a concerned individual, I thank you for your time.
>>>Bob Mueller   10/18/98
>>>bobm at lightspeed.wa.com
>>>(Again, I am in no way affiliated with the above web sites or any
>>>organized "campaign" against this technology.   I write to inform.
>>>Please feel free to forward this notice to your family and friends.
>>>Post where appropriate.  However, I ask that this message be posted
>>>or forwarded in its entirety, without editing.)

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