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KEEP THIS OUT OF uk.rec.birdwatching (Was Re: Genetically modified crops - February issue)

Alastair Rae arae at tertio.com.NOSPAM
Mon Feb 8 07:53:06 EST 1999

Would you two please have your discussion elsewhere.
[uk.rec.birdwatching removed from crossposts]

Roger Whitehead wrote:
> In article <36BDB5EB.E807AFE9 at mr.net>, David Kendra wrote:
> > I thought the discussion was about traditional, non-GM seed.  When did we switch
> > to GM seed?
> I think we have a definitional difference here, David. By "genetically modified",
> I mean any selectively-bred variety, whether produced by traditional methods, as
> pioneered by Jacob, or by modern, gene-splicing techniques. The issue is the same,
> though, which is whether the creator of a variety, however done, has rights over
> the generations subsequent to the one he sells. There is, as you may know, a
> considerable lobby arguing against this. Although you clearly don't agree with
> them, this is a matter of some debate and is not as clear-cut as you seem to make
> out.
> > My original comment which you snipped
> Only to save tedious repetition. I was pointing out that, although I may have
> potentially infringed on the original owner's (still debatable) IP rights, I
> wasn't getting something for nothing, since I had invested money, care and labour
> in growing the tomatoes.
> > Please dont make claims for me
> Sorry.
> > That is hightly unprofessional
> I have no paid involvement in anything to do with plants, so I'm always
> unprofessional in this conference.  8-)
> > Sorry if you have a problem with the laws as currently written, maybe you should
> take that up with your elected officials.
> You sound a mite truculent there, David. If you don't know if there is any
> Canadian legislation bearing on this matter, how can you defend it?
> As for my "elected officials", I don't think my Member of Parliament - nice fellow
> though he is, and encouragingly green -- has much influence on a country several
> thousand miles away. We relinquished control of Canada some years ago.
> This is all getting rather circular and, I suspect, of little interest to other
> people (who seem more engaged by dosage rate issues than moral or legal ones), so
> unless you or someone else has some hard information on the Canadian situation, I
> shall say no more on this matter here.
> Regards,
> Roger
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