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Biodegradable Pots/Containers for Growing Seedlings

Beverly Erlebacher bae at cs.toronto.edu
Tue Nov 24 13:22:54 EST 1998

In article <737hn5$l25$1 at news-1.news.gte.net>,
Sachi Noma <snoma01 at gte.net> wrote:
>Biodegradable Pots/Containers for Growing Seedlings
>We are looking for several thousand biodegradable pots/containers for growing
>seedlings. We want to plant each seed per pot and when the seedling becomes
>approximately 4 to 8 inches high (in about 60-150 days), we would like to
>transplant the entire seedlings with the pots into the ground.  Besides
>the biodegradable containers, we also need a reuseable plastic tray to
>hold these containers.

You must be in a warm climate.  In cold climates, many plants are started
indoors and transplanted out, e.g. tomatoes, peppers, and innumerable kinds
of annual flowers.  Usually thin plastic "cell paks" and trays are used in
the greenhouse, but biodegradable pots and pellets made of peat are also
used, mainly by people who grow their own plants.  There are also "soil 
blockers", tools for making a tray full of separated blocks of a soil mix
high in peat, and various gadgets for making pots from newspaper.  There
are also much sturdier paper fiber pots which come in larger sizes and are
used to grow nursery stock for up to several years.  They don't degrade as
fast, and it's recommended they be slashed in several places when planted.
There are other systems that involve fiberglas blocks and other things.

>Would a 3 to 4 inch square biodegrable pot should suffice?

Depends on the plant, I suppose.

>Does anyone know where we can purchase these?

Try greenhouse and garden supply companies in colder climates.

>Any comments or suggestions are appreciated. Thank you.

Hope this helps!

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