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Mon Nov 23 07:58:48 EST 1998

Dear Sir: I am a Ph.D candidate of institute of Genetics of CAS,and want to
apply for the postdoctoral position.The following is my CV. I would
appreciate it very much if you give my requests a favorite
consideration.Looking forward to hearing from you as soon as possible and
Thank you very much!

Sincerely Yours
Ying Chen


Ms. Ying Chen
Group 603, Institute of Genetics
Chinese of Academy of Sciences
Beijing 100101, P. R. China
Email address: yingchen@ bj.col.com.cn

EDUCATION:  Ph.D in Plant Genetic Engineering, Institute of Genetics, Degree
expected June,1999.  M.S in Grass Breeding, Xinjiang Agricultural University,
July, 1996.  Thesis Topic: Studies on Protein Related to Biosynthesis of
Condensed Tannin in Sainfoin.  B.S in Grassland Science, Xinjiang
Agricultural University, July, 1993.

Ph.D DISSERTATION:  Establishment of High Frequency Gene Transformation
System and Expression of  Defensin(NP-1) Gene in Unicelluar Green Alga
(Chlorella ellipsoidea) by Electroporation. The first part: Establishment of
High Frequency Gene Transformation System. l) Compared the different
transformation methods, the better one and using conditions for foreign gene
transformation in C. ellipsoidea were selected. 2) Tested the sensitivities
of C ellipsoidea to 5 antibiotics, the suitable selection marker and the
concentration to transfered C. ellipsoidea were determined. 3) Constructed
several plant expression vectors containing UidA(GUS) gene driven by various
promoter enhancer combinations to study the effects of several 5*-upstream
regulatory sequences on transient GUS gene express in C. ellipsoidea.
Appropriate promoter and enhancer were selected through in situ enzyme assay
and fluoremetric assay. The second Part: Expression of Defensin(NP-1) Gene in
Chlorella ellipsoidea. 1) Cloned an antimicrobial peptides-defensin(NP-1)
gene from rabbit liver. 2) Constructed high expressing vector of NP-1 in C.
ellipsoidea and delivered it into intact cell. 3) PCR analysis to transfered
C. ellipsoidea. 4) Southern blotting analysis . 5) Northern blotting analysis
. 6) In vitro pathogen antagonistic assay. The third part: Separation,
extraction and purification of defensin protein from gene transfered C.
ellipsoidea . Results: High frequency foreign gene transformation system of
C. ellipsoidea has been established. Molecular analysis showed that rabbit
NP-1 gene has been integrated and transcribed in C. ellipsoidea and expressed
its protein product property. It is the first step towards utilizing
Chlorella as a bioreactor to produce useful medicine commercially such as

   University Scholarship (Every academic year1989-1996)
   Awards for DIAO Scholarship of CAS, Dec, 1998
   Awards for DIAO Scholarship of CAS, Dec, 1997
   Awards for Moral, Academic and Physical Excellence

Transformation: Agrbacterium-mediated transformation, Particle bombardment
transformation, electroporation
Analysis: PCR, RAPD, In situ hybridization, Southern blotting, Northern
blotting, Western blotting
Gene Clone: cDNA and DNA cloning
Others: Specific protein purification, SDS-PAGE, DNA and RNA preparation,
protoplast fusion, plant cell and tissue culture, etc.

	Born: Aug 27, 1972. In Urumqi, Xinjiang, China
	Sex: female
	Height: 162cm
	Health: Good
	Status: married
	Professional membership: The Chinese Biotechnology

PUBLICATIONS: 1). Chen Ying, Li Wenbin, Sun Yongru et al., 1998 , Study on
transient expression of GUS gene in Chlorella ellipsoidea (chlorophyta) by
using biolistic particle delivery system. Chinese Journal of Oceanology and
Limnology, in English,16(suppl.)47-49 2). Chen Ying, Li Wenbin, Sun Yongru.
1998. Prospects of alga genetic engineering.  China J. of World Agriculture
(6) 30-33 3). Chen Ying, Li Wenbin, Sun Yongru, 1998. Status and prospects of
researches and applications of Chlorella spp. biotechnology. Chinese J. of
Progress in Biotechnology, in press 4). Chen Ying, Li Wenbin, Bai Qinhua, et
al., 1998. Study on sensitivities of Chlorella ellipsoidea to 5 antibiotics
in genetic engineering . Oceannology et Limnologia Sinica, in press 5). Chen
Ying, Sun Yongru, Li Wenbin, 1998.The researching technology and methods of
algal genetic engineering , Chinese Bulletin of Botany, in press 6). Chen
Ying, Li Wenbin, Ge Yiqiang, 1998. Philosophy introspection to moral
philosophy in developing of genetic technology. Science & Technology Progress
and Policy, in press 7). Chen Ying, Zhao Shiming, Sun Yongru, 1997. Advances
and prospects in the research of alga gene engineering. Chinese J.of Marine
Sciences, (4): 13-16 8). Chen Ying, Sun Yongru, Li Wenbin, et al., 1997.
Study on transient expression of UidA gene in chlorella ellipsoidea by
electroporation. the 2nd Chinese Bioengineering conference, Sep. 9). Chen
Ying, Yang Zhuomeng, Minjichun, et al., 1996. Gene transformation of the
Alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) by Agrobacterium tumetaciens. Proceeding of the
4th symposium of Xinjinag Grassland Association. Chinese J.of Herbivore
livestock (suppl) 9:44-46 10). Chen Ying, Yang Zhuomeng, Li Ling, et al.,
1996. Study on protein related to biosynthesis of condensed tannin in
Sainfoin. Proceeding of the 4th symposium of Xinjiang Grassland Association.
Chinese J. of Herbivore livestock (suppl) 9:47-54 11). Chen Ying, Min Jichun,
Li Yongjun et al.,1996, Studies on vital force of Alfalfa and Melilotus seed
stored for 40 years in Xingjiang. Chinese J. of Seed,82(2):33-35 12).
Co-author: 1998, Defensin gene transformed into wheat through particle
bombardment. Acta Genetica Sinica, in press 13). Co-author: 1998, Status and
prospects of microalgae functional food. Chinese Animal Products and Food, in
press 14). Co-author: 1997, Effects of several cis-acting elements on GUS
gene expression in wheat. The 2nd Chinese Bioengineering Conference, Sep 15).
Co-author: 1997, Effect of sulfur dioxide on the respiration and the hormone
levels of postharvest table grapes. Acta Horticultures Sinica. 24(2): 120-124
16). Co-author: 1997, The influence of sulfur dioxide on some enzyme
activities nutritive composition and membrane permeability of table grape.
Journal of Xinjiang Agricultural University, 2:48-52 17). Co-author: 1996,
Study on suitable density of seed product of Sorghum Sudanease(Piper.) stapf.
Xinjiang Agricultural Science,1:41-42 18). Co-author: 1995, Study on
resistance of Medicago Sativa L CV. Xinmu No.2 to peronospora destivalis Syd.
Journal of Xinjiang Agricultural University, 18(4):14-17

PAPERS: 1). Chen Ying, Li Wenbin, Sun Yongru, Comparation of three extraction
methods for DNA from Chlorella spp.(present to Chinese J. of Plant Physiology
Communication) 2). Chen Ying, Li Wenbin, Sun Yongru, Effect of different
5*-upstream regulation elements on foreign gene expression in Chlorella
ellipsoidea.(present to Acta Physiologica Sinica) 3). Co-author: The
postharvest physiology and storage and transportation of table grape(present
to Chinese J. of Plant Physiology Communication)

One of the compilers of the book--- Concise Encyclopedia of Aquatic Breed in
China. Plan to be published in 1999.

Patent Name: High efficient Bioreactor of gene transferred Chlorella spp.
Patent number: 97112189.3

REFERENCES: 1). Prof. Yongru Sun, Institute of Genetics of Chinese Academy of
Sciences, Beijing 100101, P. R. of China. Tel:86-010-64949071, Email:
liwenbin at bj.col.com.cn 2). Assistant Director Kaiwen Yuan, Institute of
Genetics of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100101, P. R. of
China.Tel:86-010-64914896, Email: wss at igt.ac.cn 3). Professor, Director
Dingsui Shi, Grassland Department, Xinjing Agricultural University, Urumqi
830052, P. R. of China. Tel:4523001-2504.

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