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Aloe Vera Plant Care

Ranger27 beeper99 at hotmail.com
Fri Nov 6 23:06:41 EST 1998

PLCNSFFRN <plcnsffrn at aol.com> wrote in article
<19981105075043.09768.00004122 at ng26.aol.com>...
> Need advice on when to harvest shoots from the aloe vera plant.
>      - How big should they get before removing?
>      - The best way to remove without damaging the rest of the plant?
> Right now the plant is so heavy, it cannot support its own weight.  I
> need to harvest the shoots or learn how to stake it and straighten it.
> Also, I have heard that once the shoots have been harvested, they can be
> for a couple of days if wrapped properly.  Also need advice about the
best way
> to do this to preserve the juice.  I vaguely remember hearing about using
> aluminum foil, but this could be faulty.
> Thanking in advance for your help.
Well it depends on what kind of aloe you have.If it is the one with real
large leaves you just cut off a leaf stick it in soil and it will root.If
you using it for it's juices,just wrap it in foil and you can use it for a
few weeks.Most of the smaller aloes that throw oof suckers,like you seem to
mention that this one is,you just cut off a sucker at the point where it
joins the main plant.Let it dry for a day or two,and then pot it up in a
good cactus soil.They root very easily.The only way to kill the aloes is to
over water them,and even then that is hard to do.

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