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Jerry D. Jones jdjones at alltel.net
Thu May 14 15:54:50 EST 1998

Paul Verrier wrote in message <355B1BE5.2D3C at bbsrc.ac.uk>...
>Jerry D. Jones wrote:
>> Would you or someone explain if the data you have stored in your archive
>> collected using private or public funds?
>Some experiments have been funded by 'public' funds but much has come
>from industrial funding. Research grants in the USA tend to place the
>whole project in the public domain I believe, while in the UK, only the
>results tend to go into the public domain. It may not be nice, but
>that's the way it has become.
>Paul Verrier

Thanks for the reply, Paul. Sad thing is that even much of the research that
has been funded by industry in the US is still made available to the public.
One good example - and there are many others - is the Bell Laboratories
Journal (I was an employee before retiring). Even though parts resulted in a
patent or copyrighted material, we openly shared the information that led up
to - and beyond - the transistor, various modulation techniques (which led
to the founding of Hayes, U.S. Robotics and other modem makers), and many,
many other things within the field of electronics, communications, computer
science, etc. The list goes on and on. It is most unfortunate when anyone,
especially a government decides that hard-won information is considered
"private" or otherwise restricted and forces many folks - at great expense -
to reinvent the wheel over and over. My immediate reaction? Make all the
information public and put the bloody little bureaucratic blighters on the
dole - which is exactly where they are already! At least it would take away
their smug little attitudes.

Jerry Jones

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