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Please Help. Thanks!

Matthew Moore matmoore at jps.net
Wed May 6 21:50:52 EST 1998

Dear everyone,
    Yes, this is Matthew Moore again.  The same person who sent "High
School Assignment."  Thank you all very much for your help.  However,
since you have been so helpful, I've come once more.  Don't worry, this
should only take less than five minutes of your time.
    I've looked around at garden books and field books, flower books,
and the like.  However, I couldn't find the name of these two types of
flowers.  Could you please send their names ASAP to matmoore at jps.net ?
Thank you sooooo much!

Flower #1:

    Is mainly orange  (some yellow)

    Sepals (yellow) are fusedtogether extending back and form a "pocket"

    5-6 Orange Petals.  Two above are normal.  Three below have grown a
brush like surface for insects to rub against when entering the pocket

    Stamen and Pistil are within the pocket

    The leaves of the plant are octagonal (in the shape of a ploygon
with 8 sides).  - I think this is what gives it away (well, I hope!)

Flower #2

    Five white, smooth on the edges petals

    Corolla (all the petals combined) form almost a flat surface

    On each petal, there are insect guidelines.  It is in the form of a
maroon rectangle or square.  Thes guidlines touch the center of the

    The sepals are very small, and green

    Stamen and pistil are in the center of the petals.  Maybe 30-50
stamen, all very tiny (like short hairs)

    Leaves are arranged in twos down the stem.  Each pair of leaves down
the stem has an opposite orientation. See below:

    -- o --
        |                       top view
                                |  = leaves on the first layer
                                --   = leaves on the layer further down
the stem

Well, if anyone could and would help I would greatly appretiate it...
Like before, send it to matmoore at jps.net, and also thanks again to you


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