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On 22 Apr 1998 05:29:36 -0700, koning at ECSUC.CTSTATEU.EDU (Ross Koning)

>These simplest of botanical terms are found in any
>reasonable botany book at your local public or school
>library. If you have a classroom textbook, there is
>very likely a glossary in the back for a one-stop
>place to find them.  Your library also has science,
>biology, or botany "dictionaries" in its reference
>section.  The internet is a fun place, but this kind
>of assignment can be done most efficiently with more
>traditional technologies.
>At 3:25 AM -0400 4/21/98, Matthew Moore wrote:
>>I thought most of you would find this interesting:
>>We were asked to bring in samples (live) of plants and flowers that had
>>certain characteristics.  The challenge is to keep the amount of samples
>>small with still showing al the characteristics.  I would appretiate any
>>input any of you have.  Even just a single source on the internet where
>>I could find the definitions to these words. Thanks!  Please reply to
>>matmoore at jps.net.
>> calyptra
>> modified leaf
>> leaf node scars
>> internodes
>> petiole
>> lateral bud growth
>> simple palmate veined leaf
>> compound pinnate leaf
>> radicle
>> fibrous roots
>> tap roots
>> chorled leaf arrangement
>> entire leaf
>> toothed pinnate
>> doubly compound leaf
>> waxy simple leaf
>> large shade adapted leaf
>> leaf adapted to avoid excess water loss
>> leaf adapted for water storage
>> a nitrogen fixer
>> tendrils
>> sori on frond
>> resistance to dessication (not leaf)
>> plumule
>> seed coat
>> primary growth
>> xerophyte
>> halophyte
>> mineral deficiency
>> adventitious roots
>> toxic plant
>> bulb
>> leucoplasts
>> leaf axil
>> wind dipersed seed
>> germinating seed
>> seed dispersed on fur
>> simple (primitive) dicot
>> inferior ovary
>> bilateral symmetry
>> inflorescence
>> insect guidelines
>> non-greeen sepals
>> composite flower
>> adaptations to prevent self-pollination
>> wind pollinated flower
>> umbel
>> incomplete perfect
>> imperfect flower
>> fused corolla
>> raceme
>> visible ovules in ovary
>> pollen grains
>> citrus flower
>> hummingbird pollinated flower
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