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Venus Fly Trap

Kitty kcheng at ucdavis.edu
Wed Apr 29 21:00:37 EST 1998

According to what I have read about for a report . . . the
only reason that the Venus Flytrap needs to catch insects is
to get nutrients that are defficient in their natural
habitat.  So . . . in theory, fertilizing will work just as
well.  But the Venus Flytrap lives in places where nutrients
are so deficient that they don't have to compete and so they
have adapted another way of getting much needed nutrients to
survive.  The insects can be thought of as a different way
of fertilization.
I have also read that even in the wild . . . the traps die
after a couple of catches and new ones grow in to take their
place in a rosett kinda formation.
>> 2- Can the Flytrap actually live without flies for a
prolonged period- can
>> they live off of sunlight alone? (In other words, would
one survive indoors
>> as a houseplant in a bug free environment?)
>> My niece asked me, and I don't know what to tell her and
havent found any
>> info elsewhere...
>In my personal experience VFTs can live for several months
(maybe even
>years??) without any food. They should not even need to be
>If you feed the plants with 2 or 3 houseflies or bugs you
will have
>strong plants for years.
>Just keep in mind that VFTs (as well as most other CPs)
need a very high
>light intensity and a high air humidity (at least 50-60%
>Finally a little hint: The number of trap movements is
limited. You can
>stimulate a closure of the leaves up to 6 or even 10 times.
After that,
>the leaf will die.
>If you need further infos, you can try http://www.gfp.org
>Stefan Sehnbruch
>Gelsenkirchen, Germany
>--- Experience is quite useful,
>--- normally you have it a short time after you needed it !

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