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I need help ASAP

Vera Besse Vera_Besse at unet.univie.ac.at
Thu Apr 9 02:59:47 EST 1998

On Wed, 8 Apr 1998 04:01:06 -0700, "Evelyn Thai" <ethai at lausd.k12.ca.us>

>Hello. I would really appreciate any help. I need to know the exact
>scientific reason why:
>    1) removing the leaves of plants after transplanting helps the plant to

If you transplant a plant or make seedlings, the roots are not very good
developed, therefore the absorption of water is not perfect. The leaves
transpirate, that means they are loosing water while taking up CO2,
therefore the plant could die, if it has no roots and many leaves (if it
hurts you to remove nice leaves at practical work, I have a tip: Put a
transparent  plastic bag over the pot and the plant (Chinese chopsticks may
enlarge the airvolume), remove every now and then for air exchange.)

>    2) why experts in flower arranging advise recutting the stems of flowers
>while holding them under water.
To avoid airbubles in the stem, which might complicate absorption of water
though to surface tension.

>    3) Why some florists add ordinary table sugar to the water in which cut
>flowers are placed and why the flowers will subsequently remain fresh for
>several weeks.
Many kind of sugars is produced in plants as a storage of energy. It is
produced in the leaves, and needed by the blossom (and many other parts of
the plant). Normally flowers, which you buy at shops, constist of big
blossoms, an very few (or no) green leaves. So adding sugar means giving the
flower energy, which might extend their lifespan.

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