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RESUME: lab technician

Christopher Tracey chtst5+ at pitt.edu
Sun Apr 5 22:22:59 EST 1998

  My name is Christopher Tracey. I am seeking a position as a lab
technician, working in plant evolutionary ecology or landscape ecology.

  In April, I will graduate from the University of Pittsburgh,
with a Bachelor of Science in Ecology and Evolution.  For two years I have 
worked in Dr. Stephen J. Tonsor's lab as a research assistant, exploring 
the evolutionary genetics of rising atmospheric carbon dioxide in
Arabidopsis thaliana.

  I am also in the process of completing an independent study with Dr.
Kathi Beratan quantifying the land cover of the Pymatuning Reservior, in
northwestern Pennsylvania, using Landsat TM data.  This project is the
initial step in a project determining the relationship between land use
and water quality in an euthrophic lake.

  Through these projects I have gained much experience in all phases of 
research; design, experimentation, analysis, and presentation.  I am
looking forward to finding a position where I can apply these skills to

					Christopher Tracey
2036 Wendover Street Apt 4                           412-624-6164(work)
Pittsburgh, PA  15217                                412-521-2761(home)
                                                     chtst5+ at pitt.edu

Education- Bachelor of Science, University of Pittsburgh
expected April 1998
 Major- Ecology and Evolution
 Minor in Chemistry
 Minor in Geology

Work Experience
 Research Assistant,  Dr. Stephen J. Tonsor, supervisor
   September 1996 to present
  -Planting, maintenance, and harvesting of research plants
  -Data collection, including photosynthetic gas exchange measurements
   using infrared gas analyzers (IRGA) and elemental (CHN) measurements
  -Statistical analysis and presentation of data
  -Biochemical assays of plant tissue
  -Maintenance and repair of laboratory equipment
  -Construction of new equipment (e.g. open top field chambers, computer
   interfaces, lighting)

 Greenhouse assistant, Ellen York, supervisor
   May 1997 to December 1997
  -Responsible for potting, general care, and transplanting of research
  -Management of inventory and record keeping
  -Maintenance and cleaning of facilities(greenhouses, growth chambers,
   work/prep areas).

 Computer Facilities Manager, Dr. Stephen J. Tonsor, supervisor
   May 1996 to  January 1998
  -Responsible for maintenance of approximately twenty computers at the
   Pymatuning Laboratory of Ecology, Linesville, PA 
  -Assisted students and researchers with computer problems 
  -Purchasing of new equipment, troubleshooting and repair of existing
  -Upgraded weather station to record data in digital format

Related Work and Field Experience
  -2-semester independent study: "Effects of Land Cover Adjacent to
   Streams to Water Quality within the Pymatuning Watershed, northwestern
   Pennsylvania," using remote sensing and GIS techniques  Advisor: Dr.
   Kathi Beratan, Dept. of Geology, Univ. of Pittsburgh
  -3-semester independent study:  "Comparison of photosynthetic capacity
   in two populations of Plantago lanceolata" Advisor: Dr. Stephen J.
   Tonsor,Dept. of Bio. Sci., Univ. of Pittsburgh
  -Assisted with data collection for research comparing water use
   efficiency between different populations of wild strawberry. June 1997.
   Supervisor: Dr. Tia-Lynn Ashman, Dept. of Bio. Sci., Univ. of
  -Field assistant for graduate student research on RDisease resistance in
   wild strawberry populationsS from June 1996 to October 1996
  -Geographic Information Systems(GIS) course taken Fall 1997.
   Introduction to Arc/Info including data importation, geometric  
   rectification, and basic GIS techniques
  -Field Botany course taken at the Pymatuning Laboratory of Ecology,
   Summer 1996.  Intensive three week course on the nomenclature,
   demography, and population biology of the plants of northwestern  

Computer Skills
  -Detailed knowledge of Windows 3.x/95/NT 4.0, Macintosh, and UNIX
   operating systems
  -Extensive use of Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, Microsoft Excel, Cricket
   Graph, SAS 6.11(Statistical Analysis System), Adobe Photoshop, Adobe
   Pagemaker, Adobe Pagemill, and internet software
  -Arc/Info, ENVI(Environment for Visualizing Images), and NIH Image
  -Knowledge of BASIC and HTML programming languages.

References available upon request



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