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Agriculture Related Books For Sale!

Martin Tillett mtillett at csc.umd.edu
Mon Nov 10 13:17:14 EST 1997

Here is a random listing of36 older texts that may be of interest to someone 
majoring or working in agriculture and related fields. All texts are used, 
hardback bound books except one. Most are in good to excellent condition for 
their age. I would prefer to sell the entire lot for an agreed upon price plus
book rate postage for shipping. I will consider selling single texts for an 
agreed upon price plus book rate postage for shipping. Please email me if
you have questions or wish to obtain all or some texts. Thanks in advance
for taking the time to consider this offer.
Martin Tillett  mtillett at umd5.umd.edu

TITLE                      (AUTHOR)            PUBLISHER             YEAR

Researches on the Irritability of Plants (Bose) Longmans, Green & Co. 1913
Introduction to Vertebrate Embryology (Reese) Putnams                 1909
Recent Advances in Cytology (Darlington) Blakiston                    1937
Heredity (Shull) McGraw Hill                                          1931
Principles of Animal Biology (Shull) McGraw Hill                      1934
Methods In Plant Physiology (Loomis & Shull) McGraw Hill              1937
The Fight for Life (DeKruf) Harcourt, Brace                           1930
Plants and Vitamins (Schopfer) Chronica Botanica                      1943
Inorganic Plant Nutrition (Hoagland) Chronica Botanica                1944
Hormones and Horticulture (Avery & Johnson) McGraw Hill               1947
Chemistry and Plant Life (Thatcher) McGraw Hill                       1921
The Cytoplasm of the Plant Cell (Guilliermond) Chronica Botanica      1941
Textbook of Botany (Coulter, Barnes, & Cowles) American Book          1911
Principles of Plant Physiology (Raber) McMillian                      1933
pH and Plants (Small) D. Van Nostrand                                 1946
Inbreeding and Outbreeding (East & Jones) Lippincott                  1919
Plant Breeding (De Vries) Open Court Press                            1907
Iodine and Plant Life Bibliography 1813-1949                          1950
Commercial Flower Forcing (laurie & Kiplinger) Blakiston              1947
Life Outlines of General Biology (Thompson & Geddes) Harper&Brothers  1931
The Animal Mind (Washburn) Macmillian                                 1908
Genetics in Relation to Agriculture (Babcock & Clausen) McGraw Hill   1918
Growth of Plants (Crocker) Reinhold                                   1948
Plant Growth (Yocum) Cattell Press                                    1945
Introduction to Cytology (Sharp) McGraw Hill                          1934
Principles of Botany (Bergen & Davis) Ginn                            1906
The Biology of Bacteria (Henrici) D.C. Heath                          1934
Inorganic Plant Poisons and Stimulants (Brenchley) Cambridge          1927
Textbook of General Botany (Holman & Robbins) John Wiley              1938
Physiology of Plants (Darwin & Acton) Cambridge                       1895
Bacteria In Relation to Country Life (Lipman) Macmillian              1908
Genetics (Walter) Macmillian                                          1922
Manual of Quantitative Chemical Analysis (Fresenius) J. Wiley         1901
Soils and Men, Handbook of Agriculture (USDA) USDA                    1938

Noble Fellow, William Starling Sullivant (Conducted studies on Liverworts &
Mosses (Rodgers) Putnam                                               1940 

The Agricultural Grasses of the United States (Vasey) & The Chemical Composi-
tion of American Grasses (Richardson) Government Printing Office (paper) 1884

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