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pH in plants

brateaver at aol.com brateaver at aol.com
Fri Mar 14 12:39:47 EST 1997

All that about CEC, ions, etc. is useless, out of date, and propagated by the chemical fertilizer companies. Plants absorb by endocytosis, and any size item up through a bacterium can be absorbed.

Anyone in plant work knows about nitrogen fixation in legumes, where a nitrogen fixing bacterium gets right into a root hair cell--yes a single cell--so what can ions have to do with it? Ions are small size, and chemical industry says only a small size item can enter a cell, so that is why they try to get people to believe their sales push--fertilizer is instantly soluble, producing ions, and only ions can be absorbed.

All lies.  

Feed your soil, the organisms in the soil, with something good, like compost or seaweed or a mix of rock phosphate/bonemeal/alfalfa meal, all of which are used by soil organisms, and THEY feed the plants.

It is time to drop all that and learn the real truth, which can be seen in electron microscope photos.

Ph does not count when your soil is truly loaded with organic matter and the soil organisms that depend on it and live off it, so they can feed plant roots.

B. Rateaver

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