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GM-Free food not Motorways

K N and P J Harris ecoli at cix.compulink.co.uk
Wed Jun 11 11:38:48 EST 1997

Millions just starve
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> GM-Free Food Not Runways
> ( 1st June 1997)
> Sharyn Lock, who was on indefinite hunger strike at HMP Risley, has 
> the battle for her diet to be free from genetically manipulated
> organisms. The Manchester Runway2 protestor and supporters had 
> a long struggle to convince the Prison Services over this issue. 
> after only three days the authorities caved in. The wider implications
> are massive - it could be argued that it is now safer to be a prisoner
> than a member of the public at large, Sharyn being the only person in
> this country that is gauranteed a GM-free diet.
> Held at HMP Risley near Manchester, for breach of punitive bail
> conditions, Sharyn Lock (BE4262) was quoted as saying:
> “I was on hunger-strike for the right of prisoners to be guaranteed a
> diet free from genetically manipulated food. I will continue to 
> for this.”
> “What we want to see happen now is for other government organisations
> being encouraged to provide a similar choice as I have won at Risley.”
> The GM-Free Prison Support Group were celebrating a quick and somewhat
> surprising victory this week. They stated today however that: 
> "It is the right of every prisoner to have a diet that is free from
> genetically manipulated organisms. We want to see this policy expanded
> to every prison - to establish a precendent  - one which leads to the
> interests of people and their health being supported rather than the
> interests of multinationals such as Monsanto and Novartis."
> Whilst diets based on religious  belief (eg. halal and kosher diets) 
> other ethical choices (eg. veganism) are fully recognised within the
> prison system, the choice to GM-free foods has not been properly
> addressed. The prison system now has the opportunity to take a lead 
> HMP Risley and offer such a diet to any prisoner who requests it.
> Meanwhile Sharyn is now in the enviable position of having her food
> gauranteed as being free from genetically manipulated organisms. The
> irony is that the public at large does not even have this choice as 
> produce does not carry any sort of labelling. Unsurprisingly those
> companies that are most vehemently opposed to labelling in this 
> are the same companies that are producing GM organisms - they realise
> that the public are at the very least sceptical if not opposed to GM
> produce.
> The GM-Free Prisoners Support Group is calling for a similar policy as
> Sharyn has won to be adopted by all prisons. This would ensure the
> rights of prisoners to a GM-free diet and add pressure to the public's
> call for more progressive measures to be taken on this issue. Other
> prisoners are expected to follow Sharyn's lead and demand comparative
> rights in their respective prison.
> The Group has also listed other government organisations and
> institutions where similar action could occur. They see the Risley
> victory as the beginning of a chain of institutions such as prisons,
> schools, hospitals gauranteeing a GM-free option.
> For further details on Sharyn's situation contact:
> GM-Free Prison Support Group : 0161 - 2244846
> H.M.P. Risley : 01925 763871
> Information on genetically engineered foodstuffs can be obtained from:
> Women’s Environmental Network 87 Worship Street, London, EC2A 2BE, UK
> Tel: 0171 354 8823
> Greenpeace Int Canonbury Villas, Islington, London N1 2PN  Tel: 0171 
> 8100
> Online sources of information include:
> Super Heroes Against Genetix
> http://www.envirolink.org/orgs/shag/
> Earth First! online
> http://www.wmin.ac.uk/hrcr/campaigns/ef!/toxmut.html 
> Greenpeace online
> http://www.greenpeace.org/~uk/science/ge/index.html
This is the precious kind of environmentalisticism that gets the genuine 
article a bad name.
Millions of people will starve this year. They couldn't give a damn 
about genetic manipulation or pesticide residues.
Water resources are under pressure in the UK because too many people see 
washing up by hand as somehow demeaning.
The motorways and towns are clogged with cars because our tax laws make 

As soon as I see an environmental pressure group with the B**** to 
campaign for the abolition of unnecessary company cars I will know that 
the environmental movement has grown up.
Peter, Reading, UK.

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