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GM-Free food not Motorways

Depree, Jonathan A depreej at lincoln.ac.nz
Tue Jun 3 10:09:25 EST 1997

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>GM-Free Food Not Runways

>( 1st June 1997)

>Sharyn Lock, who was on indefinite hunger strike at HMP Risley, has won
>the battle for her diet to be free from genetically manipulated
>organisms. The Manchester Runway2 protestor and supporters had expected
>a long struggle to convince the Prison Services over this issue. However
>after only three days the authorities caved in. The wider implications
>are massive - it could be argued that it is now safer to be a prisoner
>than a member of the public at large, Sharyn being the only person in
>this country that is gauranteed a GM-free diet.

>Held at HMP Risley near Manchester, for breach of punitive bail
>conditions, Sharyn Lock (BE4262) was quoted as saying:

>“I was on hunger-strike for the right of prisoners to be guaranteed a
>diet free from genetically manipulated food. I will continue to campaign
>for this.”

>“What we want to see happen now is for other government organisations
>being encouraged to provide a similar choice as I have won at Risley.”

>The GM-Free Prison Support Group were celebrating a quick and somewhat
>surprising victory this week. They stated today however that: 

>"It is the right of every prisoner to have a diet that is free from
>genetically manipulated organisms. We want to see this policy expanded
>to every prison - to establish a precendent  - one which leads to the
>interests of people and their health being supported rather than the
>interests of multinationals such as Monsanto and Novartis."

>Whilst diets based on religious  belief (eg. halal and kosher diets) and
>other ethical choices (eg. veganism) are fully recognised within the
>prison system, the choice to GM-free foods has not been properly
>addressed. The prison system now has the opportunity to take a lead from
>HMP Risley and offer such a diet to any prisoner who requests it.

>Meanwhile Sharyn is now in the enviable position of having her food
>gauranteed as being free from genetically manipulated organisms. The
>irony is that the public at large does not even have this choice as food
>produce does not carry any sort of labelling. Unsurprisingly those
>companies that are most vehemently opposed to labelling in this country
>are the same companies that are producing GM organisms - they realise
>that the public are at the very least sceptical if not opposed to GM

>The GM-Free Prisoners Support Group is calling for a similar policy as
>Sharyn has won to be adopted by all prisons. This would ensure the
>rights of prisoners to a GM-free diet and add pressure to the public's
>call for more progressive measures to be taken on this issue. Other
>prisoners are expected to follow Sharyn's lead and demand comparative
>rights in their respective prison.

>The Group has also listed other government organisations and
>institutions where similar action could occur. They see the Risley
>victory as the beginning of a chain of institutions such as prisons,
>schools, hospitals gauranteeing a GM-free option.

For a diet free from genetically modified food, eat only wild fruit berries 
and game.

Everything else is genetically modified.

Jonathan Depree,
Lincoln University, P.O. Box 84, Canterbury, New Zealand.

Socrates was a famous Greek Teacher who went around giving
people advice. They killed him.   (school history howler)

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